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Angel Broking’s ARQ – Changing the way the Investments are Done

Angel Broking has developed ARQ a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-based engine which helps the investor in making an informed choice without any Human Bias. ARQ analyzes its output before presenting it to the user. The Angel Broking ARQ uses over thousand different Data points which are used to give you the best choice depending upon the Input you provide to it. We have previously mentioned how Angel broking’s ARQ is revolutionizing the Investments and Now we would mention how it is changing the way for traditional investments.

It’s been a while since the Angel Broking has launched ARQ – A revolutionary engine for smart investing. While the ARQ feature does provide you with simplified options along with the expected return on the application, it has also predicted results more accurately. ARQ suggestions have really started to be experienced as the investments have started to grow as ARQ suggested. The ARQ engine uses Over 1000 Data points to analyze and compare the results before suggesting to the investor and this has led to an increased return on investments. The use of Artificial intelligence in Financial space is very risky but it has proved it all wrong.

ARQ’s advisory is based on a model whose performance has been optimized to provide recommendations with high outperformance and strike rates. The model has been tested using scientific back-testing and has also been validated based on its track record. The model has been calibrated to take advantage of the uptick in the stocks or mutual funds during an investment period.

Features of ARQ

The key feature of Angel Broking’s ARQ is intelligent profiling engine, forecasting, and insight-driven recommendations. ARQ is powered by the combined strength of machine learning and cutting-edge cognitive technology. ARQ processes terra-flops of historical data on Mutual Fund Schemes and Stock Markets and recommends only the best investment strategy out of billions of possible combinations. The results are back-tested by Angel Broking and the simulations have proven that ARQ performs exceptionally well in every market condition, consistently outperforming the benchmark by a significant margin.

ARQ is technology driven back tested product which follows Noble Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory and Quant based logic in providing investment recommendations that consistently beat the benchmarks. It recommends the suitable asset allocation mix that maximizes investor’s returns for his given level of risk. By using the algorithms based on this theory, the ARQ produces the most viable and profitable investment strategy and portfolio for investment. The high-tech automated investment engine enables retail investors to ace the stock market investing by harnessing the power of equities like never before.

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How to get started with ARQ

The ARQ features can be accessed via Desktop and Mobile application, We would suggest you go via latter option as its handy and the interface is quite simple. You can access to your smart advisor on the go without any hassle. You can access the features of the ARQ free of cost however, One needs to open a Demat Account, With the Angel Broking to make the investment via Application or Desktop. Opening a Demat account isn’t a Time-consuming process anymore thanks to Angel broking’s Team as they have made Demat account opening simpler with just providing and submitting all the document as required in the Application itself.  Angel Broking is utilizing the technology the best possible way to help the upcoming generation of investors.

The first time you log in the Application would ask the following details.

  • Age
  • Risk appetite
  • Investment behavior
  • Experience etc.

Once you have provided them with the details, they come up with recommendations. Depending on the above factors the ARQ comes up with a different mix of debt and equity. When I tried the application the ARQ engine suggested me three mutual funds, 2 equity and 1 debt and 3 delivery based stock trades. You can directly invest in them by a button provided on the same page which saves you from the hassle of creating the order. Once you purchase, they also provide you with the tracking facility so that you can track how your investment is doing.

There’s no One definite solution to find perfect investment advice and get guaranteed returns on it. A feature like ARQ can at least reduce the risk and provide you with concrete data upon which can rely and make an informed decision on investment. Apps feature ARQ not only advise you on investments but also can show how much time the investment will grow. I am not saying that the system is accurate or does not have any shortcomings but it can be used as a base to make your decision and reduce the market risk.

Try ARQ Yourself and see the magic it creates, its a perfect blend of Finance and technology coming together. Do let us know your thoughts on the Angel broking’s engine in the comments section down below.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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