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ASUS ROG Phone 3 ZS661KS Review: Gaming on Mobile Redefined

Asus has recently launched the 3rd Generation of their Gaming centric smartphone in India. Asus is a pretty well-known name in the gaming community due to the ROG series laptops and Asus even organizes some of the gaming events and series with a huge price pool. Having expertise in the Gaming sector Asus has entered the Gaming Smartphone segment as well. The 3rd Generation of ROG Phone has completely redesigned and made for the Gamers with ease and accessibility options that help your game conveniently. Asus had recently sent us the ROG Phone 3 for Review and here are our thoughts on it. ROG Phone 3 is one best phone I had the pleasure of testing and playing amazing games on it with India-First refresh rate of 144hz

ROG Phone 3: Design

The first and foremost thing that Asus has done is Research on design and aesthetics that provide ease to the user while Gaming and no doubt the Air Triggers that are present on the right side of the phone are a great addition. In fact, I had never thought that a phone would allow us to convert Two-finger gameplay into Four finger gameplay just by using the Air Triggers.

The phone comes with a pretty big 6.59 Inch Amoled Screen with an Industry-first refresh rate of 144mhz. The Volume and power buttons are present on the right side which are pretty much easily reachable when you hold the phone in one hand. There are 2 front-firing speakers which are pretty loud and don’t require you to use additional speakers. These speakers are pretty well configured so that you understand the distance of sound and left/right movement sounds.

I was a bit doubtful about the design thinking that it would hamper the gaming experience overall but I was wrong never did I once accidentally tap the wrong trigger. The included software overlay also makes it very easy to map the triggers to on-screen input in any game.

ROG Phone 3: Performance

ROG Phone 3 comes loaded with Top of the line specs and configuration. I can happily say that it is one of the Powerful Android smartphones available right now in the world. Secondly, it is one of the best Android Gaming phone available. The cooling system and fancy add-ons that help you game smoothly make the Phone one of the preferred choice.

I had played PUBG to Dead Trigger 2 to Call of Duty and they ran smoothly and without a hint of stutter, and this despite playing continuously until battery is near about to deplete. The phone does tend to get very warm within 10 minutes of heavy gaming with extreme display settings, and uncomfortably warm in about 30 minutes, but it handles the heat better than most high-end phones I’ve used(Thanks to the re-designed cooling system underneath the display).

I was quite impressed with the battery life on this phone. The phone was able to get me through the day with Gaming and daily usage. The battery life is quite impressive on this phone even with a 144hz display. If you play at max settings with a 144hz refresh rate battery does drain rapidly than playing on max settings and 90hz refresh rate. You shouldn’t be worried about the battery since the phone comes with Side USB-C Charging support and 30W Fast charger bundled with the phone.

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To be honest, Since the phone is gaming-centric I did play games on it most of the time in my day and I had to charge only twice in my Two-day complete gaming usage. I didn’t have to worry about the battery. This was with an average screen-on time of a little over six hrs while playing Dead Trigger 2 at 144Hz and PUBG at its maximum settings.

Asus has even provided with battery life extension solution with providing the battery care option where you can enable Slow charging in which the phone charges at 10W only. You can even schedule charging and also impose a limit on the charging.

The phone was able to provide me with an average screen time of 8 Hours while gaming at max settings and with normal settings Gaming, I was able to get more than 10 hours of battery life. The bundled charger is able to charge the phone in 90 minutes completely.

ROG Phone 3: Camera

The ROG Phone 3 comes with a great camera setup on Paper and does offer you all the features that a flagship phone offers. A 64 MP pixel-binned primary camera with support for 8K30, 4K60 HDR, and 720p 480 fps video modes sounds special, but it isn’t.

Sample Shot from the phone on default settings.

Image quality is passable in anything but great lighting, and even in bright light, images are overexposed. The 8K30 recording feature is more gimmick than feature and doesn’t appear sharper than 4K60 HDR, and recorded video suffers from the same issues as the photos.

Wide Angle Shot from the ROG Phone 3.

The ultra-wide camera is a bit soft and the 5 MP macro is just there for stat-padding purposes. The selfie camera is decent but not exceptional.

Pricing and Availability

Asus ROG Phone 3 is currently Available across Pan India through Major online channel Flipkart and the phone is priced at Rs.49,999 in India. The phone also comes with accessories that further improve your gaming experience.

Asus ROG Phone 3
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Asus ROG Phone 3 is a great phone particularly if you are looking for a phone that is purely for Gaming. At first look itself, you would be able to say the phone is solely designed for Gaming purposes. The phone has great battery life and offers top of the line specs available right now and it won’t be wrong to say it’s one of the powerful android smartphones available right now. The phone does feel a bit heavy and even after amazing heat management, it tends to get a bit hot, I would suggest getting Air Cooler which Asus is offering as a separate accessory for better performance.

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