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Basic characteristics of USB-C ?

    Basic characteristics of USB-C ?

          With the HYPE of the much awaited Oneplus Two consisting of a USB-C port the question arises , what is

          USB-C ???  Here is the short  go through for the new innovation in the smartphone industry.

      Salient features of USB-C?

  1. It is sleek and slim and at the same time rigid.
  2. Data transfer is fastest as compared to any other connecting cables  (10 Gbps) .The fastest before this was from the same family the USB-3.0 with upto 5Gbps transfer speeds.
  1. It is reversible. Bi-directional data transfer available.
  2. It is all in one i.e can be used as a power cable as well as a hdmi cable as a VGA port and many more. Ofcourse this is done using a adapter.
  3. The power transfer provided by USB-C is as large as 100 watt. So charging your device is superfast.
    usb c
    Via USB

    Why to be excited about the USB-C?

    1. The new device which have been boasted to have USB-C is the much awaited “ONEPLUS TWO”, the first smart phone to have a USB-C support.
    2. With the USB-C you can expect a supercharging capability in the Oneplus Two.
    3. Some of the other devices are from the laptop department. The new MacBook is the 1st device to support a USB-C however it does have only one port(Adapters available),the second device to sport a USB-C is the Chrome book Pixel having two ports (one on each side).
    4. USB-C is supposed to raid the smartphone market any time in the Q3 of 2015.
      Via cultofmac

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