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Creative Outlier Air Review: Best Mid-Budget TWS Earphones

Creative is a very common name especially if you have used their computer Audio system. Back in time creative had mastered the sound segment with computer Audio while creating the best Audio equipment at affordable prices. The company has seen the market trends change and now the Singapore based company is trying to be Creative in TWS space. The category is not new to the brand only the segment and product they are offering is changed. Recently the brand announced the launch of the Creative outlier Air in India and I got these TWS for review.

Creative Outlier Air: Design

Most TWS available in the market has the case flip open to get the earphones but the Creative’s case is slide to open places in the earbuds safely inside. The Earphones not only look cool but they perform great as well, more details on it later on. The Earbuds have circular led light for showing you the status of Earbuds. There are three lights on the earbuds Red, Blue, and Purple. The Red and blue are for pairing and purple light is for notification. The case acts as a power backup too in case you are running low on battery in the earbuds you can place the earbuds in the case and get the charge done. The Earbuds do have a button on them to use certain features like Play, Pause, Raise Volume and Activate Google Assistance and Yes you can even answer & disconnect calls as well.


Creative Outlier Air are shipped with standard earbud which fits most of the people and you wouldn’t need to change them and which I really liked the most as the headphones were ready to use out of the box. The headphone comes with Two sets of Eartips Big and Small but in my usage, I found the default one the best without needing to change anything.

Creative Outlier Air: Battery Life

Creative Claim’s 30-hour battery which I found to be true. The earbuds on a single charge give you around 8 hours to 9 hours with streaming music from Spotify and Amazon prime. While using the earbuds You wouldn’t have to worry about losing power as the buds give enough battery life to get you going through days with moderate usage. Once you place the buds in the charging case, you can get two extra charges, and this totals to the advertised 30-hour battery life. The Charging case has four indicators letting you know what happening. There is an indicator of earbuds Left and Right charging status and there another one that lets you know if the case is charging. Indicators are pretty much self-explanatory.

One of the notable inclusion I liked with the Outlier Air is the introduction of Type-C charging. As many of the smartphone in 2020 are launching with Type-C Charging and manufacturers are doing away with Micro USB it’s good to see creative including that in the Earbuds. Type C has helped me to carry one less charger and cable along with me as My smartphone’s cable and charger can be used to charge the earbuds.

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Creative Outlier Air: Sound And Quality

I have used the earbuds extensively and I really fell in love with the sound quality they offer. The bass quality in the headphone is just Amazing and it feels like the woofer is right in your Ear. The earbuds offer Exceptional quality coupled with Qualcomm Aptx & AAC Audio Technologies which further enhanced the wireless audio experience. I was pleased to hear a warm and vibrant sound with distinct mid and high ranges. The Outlier Air has impressive volume levels, and even at full volume, there was no distortion or reduced sound quality.

The Earbuds are built with graphene diaphragm which essentially helps to cancel the Noise around and it drives detailed highs and rich bass without the unwanted distortions and vibrations due to graphene’s properties of feather-like weight and amazing strength. This makes your audio listening experience premium and immersive.


As mentioned previously the Creative Outlier Air Earbuds can be used in Solo as well as Duo mode. To use in Solo mode let the other Earbud in the charging case. You can still be able to control Audio Playback, Volume, and Siri/Google Assistant through the earbuds itself. The Earbuds are certified IPX5 Water-resistant and You can use it gym and even in mild rains without worrying about damaging your Earbuds.

Pricing And Availability

Creative Outlier Air is exclusively available online at and are selling for Rs.7,999.

Creative Outlier Air Review
  • Design
  • Sound & Quality
  • Comfort
  • Battery Life
  • Pricing

Creative Outlier Air: Conclusion

Creative Outlier are one the best Earbuds in the Mid budget segment and are not only the best sounding earbuds available in the market, The headphone faces tough competition from 1more, Sony and Even OnePlus. The headphone has a decent IPX5 water-resistant rating and Case is a little fragile in terms of structure. The headphone offers little noise isolation and battery life is amazing if you look in this segment comparing with others. If you have a budget under Rs 10,000, these should be on your shortlist

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