DOOGEE F3 Pro Review

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  1. OK says:

    I just received the Doogee F3 pro. It’s a nice phone, unfortunately, I will have to
    attempt to root it, or it’s going in the garbage.

    It has installed, and approved on your behalf the permissions for
    all sorts of apps, and most of these apps are locked without the option to
    remove or disable…

    “Torch” has access and collects contacts, location, full sd card access, and
    many others. It has 1 functionality…flash light…why does it need my contacts,
    And i can’t remove it!

    The app “LocationEM2” collects GPS info. Why is it installed? and
    again, i can’t remove it? Who is taking that log.

    The App “HotKnot ” has every possible permission granted to it?

    The App “DX sender” can be disabled, but the permissions that it
    needs is ridiculous.

    The app “Beauty makeup” one remark….really? If i want it, i would
    download it. Can be disabled.

    The app “common data service” …all kinds of permissions granted.
    and can’t be removed. Doesn’t even have an author?

    Some of the above apps may be legit, but seeing Torsh there raised
    a red flag (It was on the news:


    I didn’t get to try the hardware, but I did give it to my sister when I got it
    without checking it, and she gave it back to me the next day saying the screen
    sensitivity was glitchy.

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