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Fossil Sport Review: Amazing Design and Performance

Qualcomm recently released the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset and there are very few manufacturers who have used this chipset in the smartwatch. We have been waiting for a smartwatch with the new chipset. The fossil’s new Wear OS smartwatch not only does pack the latest technology, but it comes equipped with built-in GPS, a heart rate sensor, NFC, and runs Google’s latest version of Wear OS, all for Rs. 17,995.

Fossil has been using aging Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset in its previous generation watches. Its successor is supposed to offer better battery life and performance. Fossil is one of the first smartwatches to offer new chipset, let’s take a deeper look.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch: Design

Fossil Sport comes in two different sizes that are 41mm and 43mm. The one which I received for review is ()mm. The watch comes in six different quirky colors.

Fossil Sport is the lightest smartwatch available right now in the Indian market. Fossil has taken the meaning of lightweight to a whole new level. You don’t even feel you are wearing a watch. Fossil has been able to achieve this because of the material that they have used – the bottom of the watch is made up of nylon, The top is made up of nylon. when you look at the watch the first time it gives a sleek look.

The case size is great for our small wrist, being just 12mm thick it’s only a little slim than previously launched fossil smartwatches. Since the aluminum case is on top, it gives smartwatch a bit more height.

As mentioned earlier, its weight makes it more comfortable to work out with. The silicone band doesn’t irritate during workouts and activities. The silicone band one the soft and flexible band I have used. The watch is designed in such a way that you can wear during workouts and in the day at the office and it goes with casual as well as formal outfits.

On the side of the fossil sport there three buttons that can be used to configure a shortcut. The top and bottom are completely customizable buttons while the middle one is the digital crown. Rather than scrolling through touch screen you can use the digital crown to rotate and perform actions on the watch.

There are plenty of watch faces available on the watch, most of them are customizable as well. I used the essential watch face which gave me the date, time calendar alerts, Hear rate and notification alerts.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch: Performance

I have tested the Skagen smartwatch previously which can Snapdragon wear 2100 and the performance on the chipset was decent enough with below-average battery life. The scrolling has become smooth and apps open pretty quickly. There noticeable increase in the performance of the watch, especially the battery has improved greatly. The lag while viewing the notifications has gone. Applications like Uber and Spotify take less time opening when compared with the previous chipset. Google assistant is snappy and responds immediately after a command is given.

The fossil smartwatch comes with 4GB of internal storage, which can be used to store music on the watch and download apps from play store. You can also connect headphones or earbuds to watch directly.

Fossil Sports Smartwatch: Wear OS

Google taking feedback from the community has recently redesigned the Wear OS and after using it on the previous generation Skagen, it’s a huge update and the new update doesn’t require you to struggle to remember too many gestures or settings. The new update is more streamlined. For the ones who are purchasing first wear os device. It’s very easy to get used to the new system.

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Now you can perform actions with few swipes – up, down, Left and right. When swiping down from the top you get the quick access to turn on various shortcuts like – wifi, power saving mode, do not disturb, etc. A swipe up brings up all your notifications that you may have missed on the phone. Swipe left brings up the redesigned Google fit interface. Finally swiping right brings up the Google assistant.

It’s also important to remember that the new Wear OS still works best with Android phones. Those using an iPhone will be limited in some use cases. With iOS, you have to make sure the Wear OS app is always on in the background for the smartwatch to stay connected and receive notifications. Unfortunately, iPhone owners can’t interact with notifications and can only accept or deny phone calls from the watch.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch: Display

Smartwatches are attractive because of their design and display. Fossil sports ticks all the checks which I would want in a perfect smartwatch. The smartwatch comes with a 1.2 inch AMOLED display which is sharp and bright enough to see in direct sunlight. The display comes with 390 pixels per inch. I found the screen comfortable to read and colors are vibrant on watch faces and content.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch: Battery

Fossil has stated with the use of the New wear 3100, the smartwatch will last up to 24 hours and an additional 2 days in power saving mode. While using the watch I was able to get through the day without any hiccups of the battery going down but to be on the safer side I carried the charger along with me since the watch has a unique charger. Getting a days charge is pretty amazing. I am damn happy with the backup, though I expect a slightly better battery backup.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch: Pricing & Availability

Fossil Sports is currently available at leading watch stores offline and Online via The watch is retailing for a Price of Rs. 17995 in India. The price seems to be really competitive considering the various options available to customers. Fossil Sports comes with Wear OS in the price point where other manufacturers are offering customs UI Installed over the android wear os.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch Review
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  • Display
  • Performance
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  • Pricing

Fossil Sports Smartwatch: Conclusion

The fossil Sport Smartwatch is one of the smartwatches which offers great display and design along with the latest Qualcomm snapdragon wear 3100 chipsets. The smartwatch comes with Wear OS which very few manufacturers offer. There are of course alternative available at the same price point but all of them either have a customer user interface or based on completely different OS.

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