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Get Instant Personal Loan From CASHe in Minutes without Any Hassle

CASHe a popular smartphone application in the instant personal loan sector had invited us for the anniversary event of the company. We are really glad that we got to be part of such great event that happened in Mumbai. The First thing which got our attention was that the company even invited the actual users of the app who used the app and got their money instantly. They shared their experience about how the application has helped them to fulfill their short term needs. The marketing head for CASHe sees’s the application to be India’s most trusted and only application to provide Instant short term loans to the users.  The company announced various key highlights from past 1 year and how have they performed since the app went live. The Event witnessed the celebration of completing 1st year and performance awards to the employees. The company has raised Rs.25 Crore in Series ‘A’ funding and have appointed new Board of DirectorsMr. Cyriac Mathews and Dr. Pulak Ghosh to manage the app based business. Mr. Cyriac joins the Board as an Investor Director and Dr. Pulak Ghosh as Independent director.

Some Key highlights: –

  • Available on Android and iPhone
  • Currently disbursing loans worth Rs. 1 crore daily
  • Repayment terms include – 15 Day, 30 days and 90 days
  • Over 1,25,000 app downloads on Google Play
  • Integrated Paytm wallet for cash transfers in month of January
  • Enlisted on Rubique, as leading financial product distribution platform in March 2017
From Left To Right – Mr. Pulak Ghosh, Mr. Cyriac Mathews And Mr. Raman
Team CASHe

About CASHe

CASHe, a fin-tech product from TSLC PTE. LTD. is as unique as the young professionals it serves. In a smart digital world, CASHe offers millennials quick and easy personal loans through processes that are transparent, innovative and tuned to the times. CASHe utilizes sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities to deliver an amazing and improved lending experience to the customers, thereby helping young professionals achieve their financial goals effortlessly. An app that offers instant transfer of funds for approved applicants.

Social Loan Quotient

CASHe Provides instant personal loan to young professionals based on their social profile, merit and earning potential using its proprietary algorithm based machine learning platform powered by Social Loan Quotient (SLQ) that creates a sophisticated credit profile of consumers totally different from conventional banks and credit agencies. SLQ is an algorithm which helps the system decide to whether to process the loans or not and the amount that can be granted to the applicant. CASHe is already in process to patent the SLQ engine. The SLQ engine is an algorithm which has been exclusively developed for the purpose of loan processing and it utilizes the machine learning and Big data analytics to process the data which is collected from the users.

SLQ’s revolutionary approach changes the way credit-risk is calculated. It is linked to a number of data points including mobile and social media footprint, education, monthly salary and career experience. SLQ is a dynamic score and as you interact with application more and spend time in the digital space your SLQ score evolves too.

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CASHe – How it works


The process of registering seems to be a breeze. To register, you would need a Facebook or LinkedIn account. The next step includes filling in basic details and uploading your identity proof such as PAN card and AADHAR along with your latest salary slip. You will be then asked to fill your bank details and upload a picture to complete the registration process. Once registered, your eligibility is confirmed within no time provided the documents submitted are well and readable. The eligibility is calculated using several equations, that also depends on Social Loan Quotient. SLQ mines the borrowers’ social network and requests basic documentation to arrive at the SLQ and a loan eligibility amount. CASHe uses multiple data points to arrive at a credit profile for every customer using SLQ as one of the key data points.

Amount, Interest Rate & Repayment

CASHe is your personal and first ever Digital loan application which grants you a loan up to Rs. 1 lakh in 15 minutes, Depending on you have all the scanned copies of the Documents which are required to get approval for the loan. The amount of loan can vary from Rs.5000 to Rs.100000. The USP of the APP is Easy and Hassle Free Instant Personal Loan. The process of getting the loan is fully digitalised wherein you don’t require any kind of paperwork everything happens on the APP’s intuitive interface.

Repaying the loan within 15 days incurs an interest rate of 1.5% after which each additional week attracts an additional 1% per week. Upon confirming eligibility, employed individuals can avail of a loan of up to 40% of their monthly income instantaneously at interest rate par with credit cards. CASHe provides repayment terms from 15 days, 30 days and 90 days. Previously the company used to offer 15 days repayment period but from the feedback, the repayment period has been extended from 15 days to 30 days and 90 days.  The repayment can also be done through Paytm transfer as well. The company has recently joined hands with paytm to provide hassle-free options to users to repay their loan.

The application has already garnered 1,25,000 Downloads on play store with the average user rating of 4.2. The Concept is very simple, to give quick personal loans.

CASHe App Links

Get the Android APP here
Get the iPhone APP here

Taking short term loans should be a quick and easy process, which a bank might not be able to provide, and that is where lending platforms like CASHe can prove to be extremely useful.

Got a need for cash? Try out CASHe and we are sure you are going to fall in love with it. Tried out the application already? share your experience via Comment Section down below.

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