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The New Goqii Fitness Band Adds Doctors & Diagnostics to its Coaching Service

GOQII Fitness Band Worlds Leading Smartband and virtual fitness coaching platform announced the latest update V2.0 to its integrated ecosystem by offering additional services and not just the smart fitness tracker. The new update added to GOQII comes with a bouquet of additional health features such as the Health Risk assessment and Heath Locker with all new revamped GOQII Band.

GOQII 2.0 Band
GOQII Fitness Band Upgraded

Earlier GOQII had disrupted the wearable industry by introducing human coaches to its platform. These coaches have access to user data through which they can provide customized advice on a regular basis. The coaches are in touch with the user to motivate them and on track to success through goal reinforcement.

To Provide something more than just a smart band is GOQII . Unlike another smart wearable where they just sell smart fitness band and their work is over but in the case of GOQII , it’s just opposite. Their main work starts when the band is bought by the user. After the band is purchased by the user one needs to activate it through the GOQII APP ( Available on IOS and Play store.) from there on GOQII Eco-system comes in. GOQII offers a personal coach for a small fee which in turn helps the user to stay motivated and achieve health-related goals.

The Personal Coach is in constant touch with the user and interact with them and advise them on various fitness tips.GOQII Fitness band has brought on board Doctors trained in dealing with general medical and lifestyle-related issues.  The Doctors working with GOQII Fitness Band  will have the main aim of counseling and preventive health. Doctors will collectively work with the coaches and would be able to diagnose user’s health and lifestyle problem. The doctor’s consultation would be available over voice call and chat which are being  offered through app-based service.

GOQII Fitness Band APP

Apart from Adding Doctors, They have added Diagnostics to its app through Health Locker through which a user can upload his reports into the app by simply clicking the picture of the report or by scanning and sending a mail to the team. The mailed copy would be added to health locker by the team and Doctors can provide consultation over the report which has been sent by the user. GOQII is leveraging its app service to enhance the user experience. Health Locker acts a Safe Deposit for the user’s medical history-making it available to all coaches, users, doctors on or off the platform.

GOQII has tied up with Max Healthcare as their hospital and medical partner and Thyrocare as their diagnostics partner. Both Max Healthcare and Thyrocare are experts in their field of operations. Through this partnership when users needing specialist consultation can benefit by being referred to Max Hospital for further care. Users need to get diagnostics done can do so by booking an appointment with Thyrocare.Once the diagnosis is done all the reports would be centralized on the platform within the Health Locker feature.

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GOQII Fitness Band
The New GOQII Band In Action

GOQII Fitness Band has already established a high quality, sustainable, holistic approach for their user’s well-being. It also Important to understand that the services offered by Fitness Band is not a replacement to a regular doctor and does not apply to any emergency medical or chronic situations. The Health services will be provided to all existing and new Users. The Services will be available at subscription costs of Rs. 1999 for 3 months, Rs. 2999 for 6 months and 3999 for 12 months respectively.

GOQII has not forgotten its existing users and will be offering Hardware upgrade option to them.

What’s New In GOQII Version 2

All the fitness data of users including prescription history, lab tests, and other health records can be stored at one location named GOQII health lock, which can be accessed anytime via the app.

First Band to feature a standard USB port for charging Fitness Band
GOQII Fitness Band
Standard USB port for convienient charging

Some of the Key upgrades to New Fitness Band include.

  • A new and Improved hardware with a sleeker design with an enhanced OLED display for richer consumer interface.
  • The new device comes with an integrated charger, which can be plugged into any standard USB port, removing the discomfort to carry an extra charger for the fitness band
  • The new fitness band comes with a bigger battery which would provide a minimum 2-weeks battery life on a single charge
  • Auto Sleep detection consumers no need to toggle time between sleep and active modes.
  • Smart notifications User would be able to get notification from third-party apps such as WhatsApp , calls, emails, and SMS on their  Fitness Band along with alarm and inactivity alerts.
  • NFC Payments- Aligning with its user’s active lifestyle and to change the way future payments are made GOQII has enabled touchless payment feature on a band in collaboration with their payment partner Axis Bank for ‘Axis Active’ program.

The all new v2.0 fitness band would be available on and on selected on retail partners.

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