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Forget telling your natives in US to buy an iphone for you or making yourself understand that you will buy an iphone once you go abroad for higher studies ,you will be able to buy it in India at the same cost as US in couple of years.

We(Indians) always envy the lesser cost of iphone in USA. No more, gone are those days, now iphones will be manufactured in India’s backyard(Maharashtra) and thus the cost is expected to go down considerably.

It has long been speculated that iphones would be soon manufactured in India however a confirmed news about the location and terms of business were not yet revealed.


Foxconn who had its major client as Nokia lost it last year and since then iphone production has been its major business. Foxconn is all set to get its roots into India with a whooping investment of about $5 billion. Under Indian government’s “Make In India” campaign this is one of the huge change in the technology sector.

Foxconn is all ready to open its factory in Maharashtra,India. The unit would be setup at  Talegaon, Pune  few miles from India’s financial capital MUMBAI. Foxconn has stated that the company would try to setting up 10 to 12 new units in India  by the end of 2020. New database centres are also expected.

India is among the biggest smartphone markets and hence flagship devices have to compete on the basis of their price here. For now the cost of iphones in India on account of the import duties is quite high. With the advent of iphones to be manufactured in India the cost is expected to be going down which would be a relief to the iphone lovers in India.

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Due to to initiative from Foxcoon the Indian working class would be profited as this would lead to increase in the employment. Foxcoon have their manufacturing units in only in China on account of the workforce at a low cost. However due to recent wage inflation in China and a comparable work force in India Foxconn is looking forward to India as the next hub for its manufacturing units. Investment in India could get Foxconn out of the fast increasing wage inflation problem it is facing in China.

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  1. Foxconn will also manufacture devices for other OEM. I doubt that prices of iphones will decrese even if foxconn manufactures them here in India. About pricing in US an unlocked iphone 6 prices differ from india by something around INR.4000. But the great news by foxconn coming to India will be that it will generate around 10lakhs jobs for Indians by 2020.

    • Yeah Foxconn manufactures equipment for xbox ,kindle etc too but the major part is of apple products. And iPhone prices have started to go down already compared to the cost they sold before. The supply chain will change and hence we can expect a dip in price. We can also expect something like the contract based iPhones. Being hopeful

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