Microsoft Surface book : Impossible to repair by yourself

Microsoft recently launched surface book its first ever laptop. It’s the ultimate laptop from Microsoft which claims to have an 12 hour battery life.apart from the battery the surface book have a lightweight body and no screw fitting inside. It also have a detachable display and pressure pen. Recently the Guys at Ifixit tried to teardown the Microsoft’s surface book to what it got inside.

The surface book’s major issue was the glue and position of the hardware. The motherboard in the notebook is seated upside down in the tablet portion of the Surface Book, presumably because Microsoft wanted a flat surface underneath the display. And there’s plenty of glue inside the device so as to put the hardware stick together as much possible because there aren’t any screws or fixing which hold the items.

            So if you are buying a surface book be-sure that you can’t just open it and solve the problems if any arise in the future because once the Microsoft Surface book is opened its near to impossible to put the hardware back in place. 

Sachin Agarwal

Sachin Agarwal, a social media fanatic, and a self-proclaimed geek is currently working as an E-commerce Executive with Future Group - HomeTown. While boys of his age have gone through several breakups, Sachin’s relationship with Technology is still going strong.Sachin has been offered countless treats by his friends for getting their Laptop/Computer issues sorted. He breathes technology and that is the reason why he is a Tech Advisor to everyone who knows him. Indian Tech guys is a perfect platform for the Sachin of Technology to share his knowledge and reviews with the world.

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