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NewsDog For Android Review: An Aggregate Of All News Applications

NewsDog is a News publishing app which is unique in it’s on the way because it combines the mainstream media along with the bloggers. The present news app in the App Stores and Play stores contains the articles and post from the leading newspapers and Magazines. NewsDog offering is much more than that and the app shows feeds from various sources which the App has contract with and the news articles update in real-time.The Links to download the App Have been mentioned Down Below in the article.




The App has a clean user Interface and easy to understand functionality which definitely is one of the prerequisites for an app to survive and succeed.The design is very clear, Various categories for news can be seen at the top and when the app is opened you are welcomed with the trending news which users have been most engaged with. Reading the article is interesting as the text is in the simple and readable font. The combination of white background and black text along with Read top navbar which shows categories is something which I liked. The Ease of reading the articles navigating in the app is really easy.




NewsDog offers plenty of categories for the reader to read. The App offers content in Sports, Technology , videos, Photos, Entertainment, Local , Cricket, politics, Health, Lifestyle, Sports, Education, Business, National, World, Auto. Offering so many categories and still being the Light in Weight. The App is only around 3MB in Size and has great features to offer as well. The content is real-time updated as and when one of the publishers or the content creator updates it. The app just sources all the news from various sources and present it to you in a beautiful manner.


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The app offers more than just offering news. It allows you to comment and like the news article within the app itself and the best thing is you can comment on any article whether it be from any source. You can see the comment count and likes by other down below in article and get your opinions commented and engage with the community. Also, you can either login with facebook or Sign up in the app to comment to post a new comment and the process is really simple and the facebook connects doesn’t grant any permission to the app to post on your behalf on facebook. You Get latest updates in your notification bar and that doesn’t mean the app would spam you. When I was using the app I got few notifications a day and that didn’t irritate me as in the case of other apps really great thing from the app, It doesn’t at least bugs users with non-useful notifications. You can even share articles via whats app and facebook as there are floating icons on the article page. The One thing which I liked the most in the app is that it shows some dialogues from Hindi movies to let the reader know that they can comment as well.

The animation in the app is pretty Cool. The transition from one article to other is flawless and you can even download some of the articles based on interaction in the app would be downloaded in the app for you to read it offline.

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Subscriptions and Feedback


NewsDog offers a way to subscribe to various news sources within the app so whenever an update is made on the channel you would be notified about the update. Also, you can view all the articles via the subscription tab in the app. The concept of subscription is good for those who are into tech and finance sector as all the latest updates are sent to you in real time. The subscription is same as any other news site offer but the only difference is that you can subscribe various channel at once. If you want some features or want to reach out to the team behind NewsDog you can use the feedback tab where you can share your experience and send feedback to them. Through Subscriptions and Liked news article the app automatically decides about showing which article you may like.


NewsDog is a news app targeted to Indian Audience with a view to providing News Content from Various News Channel and Sources which are popular among the Readers. If you don’t want to install multiple apps for just reading News then NewsDog is a great option. The Team behind the NewsDog App is constantly bringing out Changes in the app to make the user experience easy. One thing which I didn’t like in the app that the comment and likes in the app doesn’t gets updated in the Main News Article. Rest the app is great to use. You don’t have to depend on individual apps to follow the latest news and stories. Typical of news apps, you can download news for a later read or bookmark important bits that you wish to revisit later on. Night mode gives you a better reading experience at night. Social Network Service integration comes handy to comment and engage in the App.


NewsDog - News App
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NewsDog is a great way to stay connected to the world news without any need to remember long web URLs or any tedious process to access the news over the internet. It essentially collates important news from top newspapers and other news sources in India and presents to the user in an easy to read format. Since it covers all the major newspapers and websites, you don’t have to depend on individual apps to follow the latest news and stories.The main purpose of the app is to eliminate the need to download Individual App to get news from various sources.Also,The app provides the user with offline mode in which the articles are saved for reading it later mode.I would recommend the Jokes section in the app which has some pretty good stuff to read. Do subscribe our channel in the app to get latest updates from our site.

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