OnePlus 5T: Upgrade or Cheating with OnePlus 5 users

Sachin Agarwal

Sachin Agarwal, a social media fanatic, and a self-proclaimed geek is currently working as an E-commerce Executive with Future Group - HomeTown. While boys of his age have gone through several breakups, Sachin’s relationship with Technology is still going strong.Sachin has been offered countless treats by his friends for getting their Laptop/Computer issues sorted. He breathes technology and that is the reason why he is a Tech Advisor to everyone who knows him. Indian Tech guys is a perfect platform for the Sachin of Technology to share his knowledge and reviews with the world.

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4 Responses

  1. Satish K Nair says:

    Sachin, doesn’t your opinion at the end fly in the face of the very essence of product variants?
    While you are entitled to opine that the features ought to be in 3 itself, what about those customers who are not comfortable with a bezelless face? Similarly, the fingerprint sensor at the back?
    So, it does make sense to come up with variants that cater to even a slightly different set of customers. My opinion!

    (Satish K Nair)

  2. Oneplusdone says:

    This is unacceptable. Better phone at same price. One plus should at least consider giving replacement to users who have purchased phones in last 3 months. In case of OnePlus 3T and 3 at least there was price difference so it can be argued but this is plain unacceptable

  3. Aishvar'y Khurasia says:

    bought just 2 months back, that time there was no news about the newer model, oneplus simply emptied old stock without informing the public as no one would buy op5 once op5t was out, this company is not trustworthy.

  4. Winsant surat says:

    Agree with the writer….. Its injustice to Oneplus 5 buyers…..

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