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Samsung is expected to announce its First 5G and Foldable Phones

Cutting through the noise of the new Samsung releases

Samsung has unleashed a tidal frenzy in the tech industry with the announcement of its upcoming, mold breaking releases. The company is expected to unveil its next generation phones in an unpack event it plans to host on February 20, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The tech giants are expected to introduce one of the first-ever 5G powered smartphone, as well as a foldable smartphone.

But the frenzy might wane significantly before the unpack event, as torrents of image and video leaks continue to reveal details of the releases. Luckily, there isn’t much to learn from the officially released facts as of yet, and Samsung is doing a decent job by keeping us guessing.

Here’s what we know for a fact:

  • The smartphones will be named Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F (F for “Fold”); 
  • The new models will run on an Android OS enshrouded in the company’s One UI;
  • The processor for the releases has officially been confirmed to be the Snapdragon 855 chipset, which outperforms that of the Galaxy 9 disproportionately.
Samsung’s bid to boost sales performance with innovative releases has generated a lot of speculation
Leaked image of upcoming Galaxy releases

Nonetheless, one of the most critical facts concerning the upcoming releases is Samsung’s attempt to reverse a negative sales trend that the company is currently grappling with. In an official statement, Samsung announced the official names for the new releases, and in the same breathe announced a monumental drop in sales and revenue.

As such, we can expect the tech giant to pull all the stops in its upcoming releases in an effort to get sales back in the positive direction. The company has options such as 5G technology, flexible electronics, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, Infinity -O display, and a number of other ingenious features loaded in the pipelines for the upcoming releases.

The tech giant plans to first release the Galaxy F in February, while the release of three 5G-powered versions of the Galaxy S10 with varying display sizes will begin in March.

The push for domination in new Smartphone technologies

Samsung was the first company to announce an upcoming release of foldable phones. However, startup Royale became the first to actually release one. Royale’s FlexiPai mobile phone was released last November, when Samsung could only reveal a prototype and an estimated season for the release of their own user-ready foldable phones.

The company had initially fueled expectations for a sooner release when it announced that customers can expect to get their hands on the next-gen models in 2018, but then delayed the release beyond that year. But in the wake of Huawei’s announcement of the upcoming release of its own foldable phones, and Xiaomi’s newly released video showing the brand’s new flexible phone that folds both ways, Samsung has had to move up its launch date for its Galaxy F phone.

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According to official statements, the tech giant may have a fully functional foldable model ready for release by February 20th, rather than in April as earlier scheduled. Official statements confirm Samsung’s intentions to “lead the mobile industry into a new ear”, focusing on “total reconfiguration of the smartphone from inside out.”

Details of the new releases

As with every major release by tech companies, leaked images and videos showing various renditions of the new models precede the actual launch. These purported leaks show features like punch-hole cameras, a proprietary facial recognition technology, and lots more.

The following is a breakdown of the details of the new releases according to official facts:   

Samsung Galaxy F:

  • The Galaxy F will sport an end-to-end OLED displays that measures about 4.5 inches when folded.
  • When the phone is unfolded, its two inside panels, in addition to the outside panel, will join to allow the phone’s display to expand to a tablet-sized 7.3-inches OLED screen.
  • The phone is also expected to be 5G-powered.

Besides these facts, nothing has been officially disclosed as of yet. However, there’s some credible speculation about the Galaxy F’s price range. Judging from the cost of its individual component parts, experts believe the retail price range for the Galaxy F will fall between $1500 to $2,000. Also, the Galaxy F, whose release date was initially scheduled for April has now been slated for a February 20th release, in a preemptive move to maneuver Huawei’s bid to release a foldable model next month.

The Samsung Galaxy F features a design that folds into a normal-sized smartphone and unfolds into a tablet-sized device
Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung Galaxy S10:

Official statements hold that the company will begin rolling out the Galaxy S series by March. We might expect a change here, similar to the Galaxy F release date.

Samsung continues its S series with this year’s Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup, with at least one version featuring 5G capabilities

Here are some confirmed features:

  • Each of the three versions of the new S series will come with a different screen size. At least one version will be 5G enabled;
  • Four rear cameras (two in front);
  • Super AMOLED display;
  • 10 GB (Gigabyte) RAM;
  • Large storage capacities;
  • 5,000-mAH battery.

Experts have also drawn up the retail price estimates for the S series based on the cost of parts. According to an anonymous source who disclosed possible price estimates to the South Korean media, the cost of each of the models is bound to double those of current premium smartphones. Thus, expect a price range between $1,800 and $2,500. Another estimate put forth by experts on Gizmodo UK ranges between 1,500 and 2,000 British pounds (about $1,900 to $2550).

Final words

Samsung is set to dominate headlines with its new releases. The Galaxy S10 presents three options to choose from, with at least one boasting 5G capabilities. The Galaxy F presents innovation at its best, giving consumers a foldable phone that’s bound to turn heads. Perhaps Samsung’s proactive strategy in being dedicated to releasing ahead of Huawei and other competitors is necessary, given its attempt to reverse any negative market trends. Whatever the reason for its year round release plans, consumers should be excited about the smartphone treats expected this 2019.

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