Samsung SmartThings – A smarter way to look at our home


Samsung acquired company SmartThings launched its second generation of open-platform smart home system at IFA 2015.

The SmartThings system has a “smart hub,” which is a router-like device that supports various wireless connections and connects to sensors around the house.

The SmartThings Hub is compactible Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Z-Wave radios, thereby being able to have the potential to control and connect most devices. The hub supports staggering up to 200 devices.


A backup battery is provided with the hub to maintain control of other smart home devices on local network in the event of a power failure. A cellular back-up accessory is also provide which will let you control of your smart home whenever internet service drops off. The hub also has some local storage which will maintain the next automation programs locally at hub so there is no losing of scheduled events.


SmartThings Hub can be paired with a variety of SmartThings sensors as well as third party connected devices and IOT (Internet of Things). The Hub is sold as a stand-alone or as part of several smart home kits. These kits include the hub and a number of sensors and controllable devices focused around basic home security and home automation. For now this sensors and devices include:

  • Motion sensors
  • Presence sensors
  • Moisture sensors
  • Locks
  • Electrical outlets
  • Garage door openers
  • Speakers
  • Thermostats

And also various 3rd party sensors and devices. Samsung has partnered with companies like Honeywell, Bose, D-link, Belkin, GE, Logitech, Philips, Yale and many more.


Along with the hardware SmartThings has its mobile app to control the devices via mobile. This app which is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone enables consumers to connect, monitor and manage their homes via their smartphones. The app is made user-friendly and allows to assign and organize devices within in the app by the room in which the device is installed in. For me that’s convenient than having to sort through various devices under a category-specific.

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SmartThings customers will be able to connect a monitoring camera to the hub and get a live feed on your phone with a section in the app. Also the monitor automatically starts recording when it is triggered by any event like motion detector going off.



Samsung now serious about smart home will become threat to Apple HomeKit or Google’s project Brillo. This fast growing IOT sector will surely gain more pace after receiving a boost from this three tech giants.




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