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Vmware Run any version of windows inside Windows

Hello everyone,

Here is a new technique that will guide you through running windows inside Windows That right! You heard it!
We would be using virtualization technique to Run window inside Windows.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]Pre-Requirements

CPU Compatible with virtualization

At least 4 GB Ram

Windows ISO (7,8,8.1,10,Any Would do even xp) or Windows CD [/box].

Most CPU are virtualization capable however we recommend you look at the Intel’s website for support on virtualization.

Lets begin with steps to virtualization.

Step 1:-

You need to download a virtualisation software to begin with We recommend using VMware player which is free and user-friendly to use. Here’s the link to download it – VMware Player(77mb)
Once the Software has been downloaded.Please install it.

Step 2:-

After the installation is complete open the VMware player application.

Step 3:-

Click on player- > select file then click on new virtual machine.



Step 4:-

New virtualisation window will be opened



You can install windows from CD or else you can install from ISO as i have already mentioned in Pre-Requirement. You need to have a windows ISO already with you before proceeding further.If you use windows iso you would Automatically Detected like in above the ISO got already Detected and It mentioning Windows 7 Detected and it will use easy install.
Easy install is a vmware feature which makes the installation feature easy like it asks the cd key,windows user and password data before starting to install the windows.
Click next when you have selected the desired option.

Step 5:-

In this step you will prompted to enter various windows related details which include Windows CD-Key and windows username and password for login to windows.
Click next when done entering details.


If you don’t have a windows key you can enter it later also.vmware will install windows as trial only until you activate windows will remain as trial only

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Step 6:-

In this step The virtual machine need to be can name it anything you want and Location need to be set.
Remember when selecting location, select location where you have at least 20Gb free space to install windows and function smoothly.




Step 7:-

In this step you need to specify the space as mentioned in earlier step you need at least 20gb free whereas 60gb recommended by VMware.Below space options select split option as it splits vmware windows files in various files parts so that moving them becomes easier.
Click next.


Step 8:-

The new virtualization wizard will open you will be shown the various details that you have entered so that you can verify it and proceed further with procedure.
Click on finish.



Step 9:-
Creating virtual disk dialogue will open

Let the VMware player do its work

Step 10:-

After the disk is created the windows will start to install onto the system







After all the installation have completed you will have a copy of windows running inside the windows wherein you can try out various softwares or program requiring specific windows version.There are many uses to use the virtual windows use the one which suits you best.Personally I use virtual windows for hosting a test web-server and accessing it from host windows

You need to install VMware tool which will be automatically installed after the windows have started


Dont skip its installation of tool as it is set of tools and Drivers to make windows show appropriate graphics,Sounds.usb and lan.

Here’s a Screenshot from my system in which i am running windows 10 and windows 7 simultaneously.


Hope you like the article.
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Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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