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Xiaomi Opens its Mi Home Exclusive Store in Mumbai

Xiaomi has been present in India for a long time and whenever Xiaomi comes with a new phone in the budget segment the demand for those devices is tremendous and it becomes difficult to cater to everyone who’s trying to buy the devices. To provide the customers an easy way to buy the devices and experience them before purchasing Xiaomi has come up with Mi Home in India. The very first Mi home was opened in Bangalore on May 11, 2017. The Chinese company has plans to open 100 mi home by 2019.  Recently the company inaugurated their 8th Mi Home in Mumbai, Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Kurla.

Xiaomi’s Mi Home is a one-stop place for experiencing the everything that has been launched by the company in India. You can see and test phones, Routers, Air purifiers and range of accessories, fitness bands and VR headsets, power banks and accessories like — selfie sticks. Furthermore, possibilities are such that the buyer will also be able to get their hands on the recently launched Mi Mix 2 as well.

The move to open a Mi Home in India is part of Xiaomi’s strategy and growing shift towards bringing its products to offline sales channels. With this, Xiaomi is trying to rule over both online and offline stores in the country. To recall, as per the latest report by International Data Corporation (IDC), Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has become the highest shipped smartphone in India in Q1 of this year. Notably, Redmi Note 4 was made available only via flash sales on selective online stores, which went out of stock in seconds. This shows the high demand of the Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi claims that about 5 million units of Redmi Note 4 have been sold in India. After ruling over online stores, Xiaomi is expecting the same with the offline Mi Home store. At the offline store, Xiaomi phones will be able to personally try out all the Xiaomi devices before making a purchase, which wasn’t quite possible with the online stores.

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The Xiaomi Mi website and Mi Home will work in collaboration if the buyer is looking for something that isn’t available in stores would ensure that he gets to order the device via F-code. F-code is basically a code which can be used on the Mi website which ensures that you get to order the device even when it’s not in stock in store or website.

Mi Store and will further ensure Xiaomi maintains its affordable pricing formula across the board by reducing distribution and intermediary costs associated with traditional brick and mortar (as well as online) stores.

Do share your experience at Mi Home Mumbai via comment section down below.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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