Youtube capped at 480P in India, FireTV Stick and Android TV Unaffected

Youtube is a popular streaming service in India. The majority of the people in India use youtube as their go-to application for viewing content from their content creator and connecting with them. Youtube in India has restricted the viewing quality to 480P for all the smartphone users in the country and people are already going crazy since youtube is one of the fastest streaming services in India and people mostly rely on it for listening to music, movies, and other entertainment content. This comes when the country is going through lockdown state and the majority of the workforce is in work from home situation. Covid-19 Corona has affected everyone in one or the other way. The major smartphone launches and events have been canceled due to ongoing pandemic.

iPad Showing the Youtube Video Quality option
Youtube has not capped iPad since I was able to stream video at 720O and 1080P as well.

Due to widespread the disease, there has been major traffic and load coming up on the internet since Service providers are major surge in the bandwidth being used. This is also having an impact on the people working from home.

Mostly people from major metropolitan cities are seeing this but sooner this would apply to the whole country. Since most of the people are home during these trying times and hence there is more consumption than usual. India is the second-largest county with the population and highest internet users. YouTube has not given the premier subscriber any option to see the video in higher resolution and that didn’t go down well with the users and they let their rant out on the creators because YouTube officially hasn’t commented or announced yet and hence users actually don’t know yet.

Currently, users of FireTV Stick, Android TV and iPad are not affected by this move. They can continue enjoying youtube at maximum available viewing quality. If you want to stream Youtube at High Definition quality then I suggest you use a VPN. VPN helps you change your country and hence you are impacted by the region-specific restrictions.

Sachin Agarwal

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