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Welcome to Indian Tech Guys – A site created to serve netizens with unbiased product reviews and well-written articles on various technology topics.

I am a Techie who was toying with the idea of starting a blogging site until I came up with Indian Tech Guys. Browse through my blog to get the desired information and advice that will help you get the most out of the Technology in your life.

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Sachin Agarwal
Founder & CEO

Sachin Agarwal, a social media fanatic and a self-proclaimed geek is currently pursuing bachelors from Mumbai University. While boys of his age have gone through several break ups, Sachin’s relationship with Technology is still going strong. He started coding from a very young age and he went on to win numerous prizes for his projects. Sachin has been offered countless treats by his friends for getting their Laptop/Computer issues sorted. He breathes technology and that is the reason why he is a Tech Advisor to everyone who knows him. Indian Techguys is a perfect platform for the Sachin of Technology to share his knowledge and reviews with the world.

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