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Mi Mix 2 vs OnePlus 5: Let the Game of Specification Begin

Xiaomi has been present in India since few years and has always launched the devices which are mid-budget or budget devices, To which the consumer responded well and made the products successful on the other hand OnePlus followed a strategy wherein they launched the devices and slowly went up with pricing and with recent launch of OnePlus 5 the company entered into Premium segment and Today Xiaomi launched Mi Mix 2 which was long awaited in Indian market. Let’s see how both the devices go head to Head in the game of specifications. Here’s our comparison of Mi Mix 2 vs OnePlus 5.


Oneplus features a full HD display of 5.5 inches whereas Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has around 8% bigger screen than OnePlus 5. Reading, browsing the internet and watching movies is more pleasing experience on a bigger screen. The Mi Mix 2 also has a bezeless display which the OnePlus 2 doesn’t have. The display on both the phones in terms of looks Mi Mix 2 wins here as the majority of the front portion is covered by the screen and it looks really gorgeous. The Mix 2 also has a better screen resolution than the OnePlus 5 which means the device has a clear and crisp screen.


Ram is something very special to OnePlus, with each new device the company has raised the bars for the maximum capacity of Ram a smartphone can have and so the Oneplus 5 comes with 8GB of Ram at the same price for which the Mix 2 is available. The Mix 2 comes with a 4GB of Ram and there’s only a variant of 4GB opposed to 6GB variant which is offered by OnePlus.


All the smartphones are designed beautifully and same is the case with OnePlus 5 and Mi Mix 2 but when both the devices are compared together the OnePlus 5 was found to be slimmer than Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2. Slimmer devices are easy to carry and fit into your pocket without any trouble. The slimmer device also looks more fashionable. Xiaomi has an answer to this by having the larger display with no bezels on the front with a premium finish and glossy look on the device. overall Mi Mix 2 looks like a futuristic device and takes on OnePlus in terms of Design.

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OnePlus 5 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 both the devices have an almost same battery with a slight difference of 100 mAh. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a battery capacity of 3400 mah whereas the OnePlus 5 has a battery capacity of 3300 mAh which doesn’t make any difference, It all depends on the software optimisation and Xiaomi no doubt has the strong command over software and battery optimization.  OnePlus’s Dash charge technology is a game changer here and it charges the OnePlus 5 in less than an hour which Mi Mix 2 doesn’t have and it takes time to charge.


One of the main feature which consumer looks for, these days in a smartphone is the camera. Not only front but rear as well. The camera has become the hot selling point for the smartphones and people want to have best in class camera. OnePlus features a dual camera setup which is also the first device from OnePlus featuring a dual cam setup. The images from the OnePlus device are pretty amazing and OP5 doesn’t disappoint whereas Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a single camera setup and fairs well in the camera department, Camera is not the strong point for Xiaomi phones. In the Camera Specification no doubt the OnePlus fares well.

The specifications war have made the smartphone brands to raise the bar and offer best in class features with quality hardware to the consumers. Xiaomi and OnePlus are known as one of the best brands to look for in India when buying a smartphone. Both the device runs on Snapdragon 835 processor. In our comparison of Mi Mix 2 vs OnePlus 5 – Mi Mix 2 is the choice if you are looking for a smartphone with bigger and better display with a feel of the futuristic look. You can opt for OnePlus 5 can be a great choice if the camera, Ram and fast charging are the things you are looking for in a smartphone.


Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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