Renor BT PowerCab Bluetooth Speaker Review: Best Hi-Fi Speaker

Renor has recently announced the availability of Renor BT Powercab Bluetooth speaker in India. The speaker is designed by engineers, designers, and musicians together. Whenever the people hear the term HI-Fi, the first though comes as an expensive speaker even though that may not be the reality. The team renor is set to change that mentality with the launch of their new speaker in India. The Team sent me a test unit for experiencing their product first hand.


  • Sized as 20″ (W) * 11.5″ (H) * 10″ (D)
  • State-of-the-art 8″ Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth AptX HD
  • 100 Watt R.M.S
  • Aux-in Stereo Mini Jack
  • Weighs as 10.25 KG
  • Precision 1″ Tweeter
  • Dual Ports
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • 36.5 Hz To 20000 Hz

Renor BT PowerCab: Design

Renor BT PowerCab Bluetooth Aptx Speaker
Renor BT PowerCab Bluetooth Aptx Speaker

The speaker is thoughtfully designed, The speaker has a covering of compact protruding threads that you couldn’t see through inside. If you have ever been to concert or music festivals which has a monitor to maintain the voice or sound of the self. That’s the exact shape of those speakers. The speaker is a front-firing speaker. The top area of the speaker has Renor logo which looks really cool. The speaker has a panel on the top through which you can manage volume, Bluetooth connection, and Aux Connections. The Power button is present on the top along with other buttons. The rear of the speaker is where 100W power cable gets connected. The top edge, side, and back have a wooden type of thick texture which could handle the heavy bass and Highs correctly.

Renor BT PowerCab: Panel

Renor BT Powercab has 4 rubber stoppers below the speaker to place the speakers on the floor and they help the speaker to be stable and doesn’t allow it to move while the music is playing. Overall I liked the build quality and design of the speaker as it checks all the boxes which I wish for in a speaker.

Renor BT PowerCab: Sound

The Sound blasting from the Speaker is amazing. The Speaker needs to be connected to a power source to keep it running. The connectivity is Amazing. I had no problems with it. Make sure you enable the AptX most of the recent devices with Snapdragon processor has it pre-enabled. I can say, the speakers correctly manage bass. The depth of the bass was perfect for the build. You can try to shoot bass-heavy sounds, and it did fantastically. Mid-range was dynamic and bright highs were complementary to the sound. If you shoot High sound profile, the speakers handled it distinguished well. The AAC files and DAC connected through the AUX plays brilliant songs, and the instrument separation is commendable by the speakers.

Renor BT PowerCab: Price and Availability

The Renor PowerCab is available at an offer price of Rs. 17499/-. The Speaker is available on leading eCommerce site – Amazon. I found the Speaker a bit on higher price. The speaker ticks all the checks for design, Sound and, quality.

Renor BT PowerCab Review
  • Design
  • Sound
  • Build
  • Price


Renor BT power cab is an amazing HI-FI Speaker. The Sound output from it is amazing. The Speaker manages to play Highs and Lows pretty well. The Speaker handles whatever you throw at it and never disappoints you. The Price still I feel is on the higher side and can be lowered a bit to make affordable for the people. I would definitely recommend this speaker to people looking to buy a portable speaker to host mini parties or performing live with a small audience.

Sachin Agarwal

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