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Lycos Smart Band Review

3You are probably here because you are planning to buy Lycos smart band which would be helpful in tracking your activity and show the stats in your mobile. As we use mobile for everything from shopping to Booking so let’s use the same mobile for exercise yeah you heard it right, you can use your mobile along with Lycos Life Smart-Band to have a detailed view of your exercise along with really cool wearable watch to be present on your wrist.

Lycos Smart-Band Design and Fit


The Design of the Lycos Smart-Band is really great. The smart-band is having a display which can show the stats like your Heart Rate, Steps, Calories Burned, Kilometers walked, Time taken to complete the steps and lastly the Goal Completion progress. As it is smart band having a display it also shows time and date along with Bluetooth connection status and Alarm Icon if you have set any.

The Band is really lightweight and once you wear it you don’t feel any kind of bulkiness as in some really cool trackers out there are. The display of the band is very big as you can see in the screenshot below but the actual display is in the centre of the large display. Display brightness is more than enough to see details in sunny climate outside.

Lycos Smart-Band: Activity,Heart and sleep tracking

Lycos Smart Band

The Smart-Band’s tracking is somewhere between apps such as Google Fit and Moves and trackers with real sensors such as heart rate monitors. The Band calculated the Number of steps walked and estimated calories burned and also it monitors the time used to complete the walked steps ie. it shows how much time was used while walking or running. Some errors do occur and you may notice while using the band that some steps are recorded extra or may be you were not walking but steps are shown in device. But that’s normal with these Smart-Band as they have pedometer which counts steps so when you make some hand action so ‘sometime’ those actions are counted as steps.

The best thing about this Smart-Band is that it comes with Goal setting so that you can set your daily goals and let the rest of the work getting done by the band it would show you progress bar right in the band showing you the percentage (%) of the Goal completed.

Sleep tracking is somewhat is the same. The band tracks the hours of sleep and accordingly tracks the activities shows the stats in the Lycos Life App available on Android Playstore and IOS Appstore.It claims to track how much deep sleep, light sleep and disturbed sleep you’ve had each night – tricky to tell how accurate this is but given that our hand movements seem to be clocking up too much activity, we’d say the light sleep figure is probably also too high.

So its not the most accurate activity tracker out there, no surprises here. But given the price in which it is available and particularly for activity tracking and never missing out an important notification or phone call it could still be more useful than a basic pedometer (no stats) or if you plan to use your phone you wanna check out on battery that phone would eat while tracking your activity. The Lycos Smart Band uses Bluetooth to connect with the band but if you don’t need any notification alerts like call alerts, Messages, whatsapp etc then you can wear the band without connecting it to the phone and synchronising once a day with the life app to keep the Activity data in the phone and you can access it whenever you want it.

The lycos smart band have heart rate sensor which in real-time shows the BPM(Beats Per Minute).You can view the activity of your heart on a regular basis. With the EKG Live Readout in the band as well as in the lycos life app you have the power to monitor your health.

Lycos Smart-Band: Features

Lycos Smart Band Heart Rate

Lycos Smart-Band have several non-fitness related features like you get notified on the band with the vibration when you receive a call, text-message, whatsapp but again there are restrictions in it like you can’t receive notification for everything, you receive alerts on the band for the apps allowed by the Lycos life app to send notification as in our case when we received a whatsapp message the band showed the sender name and the app name which sent the notification ie. whatsapp. You can find the list of apps in lycos app available in Android and Apple stores.

Also you can set activity alarms which can remind of you to complete certain tasks which you might forget later on so you can use this feature as a reminder alarm to remind you off the tasks you need to complete. Apart from this you can also set alarm on the smart band which would wake you up in the morning according to your sleep pattern it would vibrate.

The band also features security function which would turn your lycos app into safe password keeper and reminder. In the lycos app you can use the security function to store and use the store password whenever you need them.The security features need a passcode which is to be set by you on the first time usage of the app.

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NFC technology can be leveraged with the Lycos Life app, on Android phones, to share a business card or your contact to another NFC enabled smart phone user.The Lycos Smart Band ships with 2 NFC tags which can used to transfer information stored in them.You can store information in the tags using Lycos life app.

Lycos Life: App

Screenshot_2016-05-21-08-53-02 Screenshot_2016-05-21-08-51-59 Screenshot_2016-05-21-08-23-47

A point to be noted before we jump into the app experience is that we tested the device and app on Android Device LeTv Le 1s. The device needed to be woke up from hibernation when it was shipped to us for review and It connected pretty well the first time. We didn’t face any problem connecting it to our device.The apps built in guided tour makes everything simple from setting app the first time also the device comes with the instruction flash card which can be referred setting it up.

One thing I liked in the app is that it automatically syncs the band as the app is opened so as to see the stats as and when you need to have a real information about your Goals,Steps,Calories,heart Rate. Presently we don’t need to manually sync the device with the app to get the information in the app. The app is pretty much well organised and shows detailed information on the Life Tab present in the app.When we turned on the device there was a firmware upgrade available for the app so app has a built in ability to upgrade the firmware for the smartband.

Lycos has really introduced a great product at a great pricing but it has a long way to make the smartband according to the users.There is room for improvement in the device but those can be solved by introducing firmware upgrade and app update. it could jump ahead of Jawbone and Fitbit in offering actionable insights that tap into habit forming tactics. As we said, the hardware is light, easy to get along.If you are looking for the fitness tracker with display and some smart features Lycos Life is the smart choice you have in hand.

Lycos Smart Band: Battery life and charging


Well the Lycos does  claim  battery life upto 15 days but we think if the band is used for sole purpose of fitness tracking it could last even more as the non-fitness related features in most cases eats up the battery of the Lycos smart band.

Charging is quick – from zero to full in 2 hours – and easy enough with a proprietary cable which the tracking module slots into. It’s short and easy to lose though so keep an eye on it.The magnet on the chargers end makes the fit perfect on the watch.

Lycos Smart Band: Specifications

Brand Lycos Life
Touch Enabled Yes
Type Fitness
Function Advanced Fitness Monitor, Pedometer and Calorie counter, EKG Live readout
Water Resistant Yes
Material Rubber
Shock Resistant Yes
Heart Rate Monitor Present Yes
Color Red,Blue,Black,Orange,Navy Blue,White
Compatible OS Android 4.3, iOS 7
Brand Color Coral Red
Suitable For Tech savvy active adults, Early adopters
Activity Tracker Present Yes
Model Number LLSBT
Reading Type Digital
Model Name Advanced Interactive Smart Band, Coral Red
Sensor Type Bosch Accelerometer
Ideal For Men, Women
Activity Tracking Function Activity Alarm, Daily Goal Setting
Display Type OLED
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Life 12 Day
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth Enabled Yes
Wifi Enabled No
Weight 28 g
not_covered_in_warranty Software Embedded In Product


warranty_summary 1 Year Manufacturer’s Domestic Warranty. For More Details, Pl Check
covered_in_warranty 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
service_type Replacement
Sales Package Smart Band, Charging cable, Two NFC chipsets NXP 216, 888 bytes each, Welcome kit

Lycos Smart Band: Conclusion

The Lycos Life band is sleek, hypoallergenic and fits comfortably on any wrist. Its multiple features Notifications, Activity Alarms, HR monitoring, Password manager and NFC besides fitness tracking and sleep tracking make this product a good value for your money. Its sold on and eCommerce portals, Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Lycos Smart Band
  • Design
  • Features
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Life Application
  • Price

Lycos Smart Band

The Lycos Life is far from perfect but with a lot of the niggles we encountered, it’s INR.6000. That means it’s well worth a punt if you’re not sure about fitness trackers or about wearables in general. Just remember to check your activity timeline to make sure smart-band is not gifting you hundreds of steps and the Lycos smart band could be a great fitness tool. A starter tracker for anyone not sure they are ready to take the plunge with a Fitbit or Jawbone.

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