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ET MONEY REVIEW: Investments And Saving Made Easy

ET Money

ET Money is a revolutionary app which helps you manage your expenses and savings easy. The App is a smart investment helper which would guide you to manage to Manage your savings and also, show the expenses in a categorized manner so that you know where you have spent more. Nowadays we spend and don’t have any track of the money spent but we have a life saver to keep records of all the things that are linked to your mobile. ET Money previously known as Smart Spends is great when it comes to expenses tracking and knowing the area where you have spent more. Also, the App is smart enough to read the transactional SMS to let the users know


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When you first open the app you are prompted with Google account sign in, post that the app asks for some of the permission for reading your SMS and access your contacts to function properly Trust me these permission are just for your convenience as the App has amazed me with the feature it has to offer. The First one is the Spends. As the name suggests it keeps records of the all the expenses you have made via card or cash. For card-related transaction it automatically adds up to the spends tab and for cash, you can manually add the expenses there are some presets like food,fuel etc are present so that you can choose from them.


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Next, There is Investment Tab which is way great if you are an amateur investor and would like to know some of the best investments avenue available for best returns. The app suggests from short term to medium to long term. Also, the approximate return on investment is also shown in the investment option so you know an estimated return you can expect.ET Money has preset of various options under which you can invest and if you have already invested in some of the Mutual funds in that case you can add the details the of the fund and track its performance through the app.

Bill Calendar


This is the most amazing part of the App. The app reads your messages from your inbox and based on the information it gets it stores information in an organized manner. If the SMS is one of the reminders for your bills from vendors to get it paid before the due date that when the magic starts the app shows you a reminder for the bill to get it paid. If the bill is paid then you have to let the app know else it will keep on showing you as unpaid one. The app is capable of understanding bill related SMS from various Billers Like Vodafone,Airtel, Electricity Department  even credit card due dates and the due amount is been notified by the app so that you don’t have to keep a written or statement track about the due amount and date.

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Card Suggest


This Feature suggests you the best Type of Card you can use on Any of the online/offline sites to get the most amazing discounts available. you have to enter the card details prior so that the app can search for you the best place you can spend with much savings. ET Money App does ask the user about where he intends to spend so accordingly it would suggest him offers and discounts he can avail.There is an add card option present in the Tab itself in case you haven’t added the card before.



The offers tab suggests some of the offers that you can avail based on your recent purchases or your places of interest. ET Money suggests you offer based on the past purchases you have made and would be suitable for you. The more purchases you make the app suggests you better. Also. the purchases need to be made through card only and with transaction SMS being delivered on the phone on which the app has been installed so that the app can have access to purchase history.


The app has a pretty neat interface and design compliments it. I really liked the color combination used in the app and the app is really smooth doesn’t lag/stuck in between and offers a great experience to the user. Also, the app has been really helpful in suggesting me with some great insight on investment analysis. The app has great features which definitely makes it a must have an app on every individual phone who are not able to keep a track of their spends. The App is directly competing with a walnut money manager and Money view which are similarly popular for the same category as this app is present.

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