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Trends in Mobile gaming industry And Its Growth In 2016

Mobile gaming industry is rising at multiplying speed. In 2015, mobile game makers have earned more than 20 billion dollars. It is expected to reach $45 billion till 2018. Every year you are seeing some new trends and innovations in the industry of mobile gaming.

Today I will share about the trends in the mobile gaming industry in 2016.

The Rise of Mini Games

Mini games are rising on a larger scale. They do not need any additional installation. They are mostly integrated socially to boost competition among friends and promote sharing. These simple and small games add novelty values. Developers work on these to boost user engagement.

Make money playing Mobile Games:

The mobile gaming industry has changed the gaming from time pass to a money making the opportunity. There are games such as mobile casino games which helps you to not only be entertained but also make money while playing mobile internet casino games. You can make from few dollars to thousands of dollars every month.

As the reach of smartphones increases, it also increasing the reach of mobile games to every single person from 5 years to 90+ years. People not only play games to entertain them but also to make money. Games are more social as now you can share your game score.

Expansion Packs

User acquisition costs are increasing day by day. Mobile app competition is at the highest levels. Developers focus more on mobile gaming apps to bring something exciting to other old users also.

Games for All Ages:

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There was a common dilemma that games are for children only. But mobile gaming industry has proved that people reaching 40`s or their retirement age are more into playing games to spend their time. More people are getting retired each year and the number of mobile games over 40+ age is also increasing every year.

Subscription Games

From last few years, there is a huge take off in the subscription model. In the USA more and more apps are coming under subscription model such as cosmetics, comics, beer, novels, underwear to razors etc. Amazon and Netflix also following the path.

Which game do you love to play? Share via comments.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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