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Fossil Juliana HR Gen 5 Smartwatch Review: Best smartwatch available right now

Fossil has been offering smartwatch for quite a long time and unlike the other competitors, they have never used their own OS or customized Android wear on the watch. Fossil has been using pure android wear since the beginning. Recently the Fossil launched the Generation 5 of smartwatches in India and here’s my take on the Fossil Juliana HR smartwatch.

Fossil Juliana HR: Design

The design hasn’t changed much on generation 5. Keeping the design intact the company has upgraded the specifications in the watch. The watch features a screen with very thin bezels. The stainless straps with Golden ring on the go really well and goes with whatever you wear along. The digital crown is amazing and does the job well. The upper and lower button are customizable as per the need. The straps can be easily switched to other straps.

Fossil Juliana HR: Performance

One of the biggest achievement for Fossil with generations 5 smartwatch is the battery improvement and including a speaker for receiving and making a call. I was able to get 2 days battery with an always-on display with receiving all notifications and calls on the watch. The speaker on the watch is great for group calls, I was able to hear the other person and other person was also able to hear me well.

Overall the Wear OS experience is amazing and the Fossil Generation 5 Smartwatch are the best to dive into the completely revamped experience. The watch performed all the actions as I wanted and never saw signs of lag, freeze or stutter.

The digital crown has been in the watches since the beginner and has been getting with every new generation. I really liked navigating through different areas of the screen through the digital crown. Although it still needs improvement as it’s not optimized for all apps and screens.

The notifications were perfectly displayed, the only issue I faced is the notifications for some reasons kept on repeating until they are checked and It may be a problem with my phone or the watch. I am not confirmed on this issue.

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Google’s own Fit app is a bit lightweight, and so it’s best to find another. Thankfully, Google Play is full of options that you can install, whether it be Strava, Nike Run Club, or another decent app.

The big advantage of having GPS built-in is that you can use these apps without having to have your phone on you at the same, the watch does the tracking free and untethered from its smartphone overlord. It does seem to take a minute or two to latch on to the location though, and that can mean the end result ends up being a little off.

Fossil Juliana HR: Battery

Fossil with new generation 5 Smartwatches have changed everything related to battery and charging. The watch gets completely charged in an hour and if you compare with the previous generations smartwatch it gets charged faster. The battery on the new smartwatch lasts longer and I was able to get more than a day’s battery with Always-on display on the watch. This is with receiving some calls on the watch and all notifications on the watch along with heart rate tracking in every 30 mins.

Fossil Juliana HR Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Battery
  • Price


On the whole, Fossil Juliana HR is appreciable in terms of design & performance. Navigating is still needs to work on round display and accessing features just takes a couple of swipes. WearOS, however, still has a lot of room for improvement. This is one of the best smartwatch coupled with WearOs.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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