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Goqii Stride Review: Affordable Tracker for Fitness Enthusiasts

Goqii, A mumbai based smart health company has launched Goqii stride few months back. Previously Goqii has introduced Goqii smart bands that would help you with fitness related data on the application. The application would enable the users to not only see whole lot of fitness related data but also unlock doors to other activities and services related to fitness.

Coming back to stride, the Goqii Stride is a small portable device that is designed to fit on your sports shoes and the device is powered by a battery which is not rechargeable. The device once fitted with battery lasts up to 6 months as per the company’s claim. Goqii Stride doesn’t have a display and no vibrating motor in it. It’s just a simple device to capture your steps count simply and for those who want just fitness and no fashion wearable should definitely opt for it.

Goqii Stride
Goqii Stride

When we wear a fitness band we often use it more as replacement for traditional watches and somewhere the main purpose of the smart band is lost and data is not relevant any more since the watch is worn whole time and steps count, calories and other data gets incorrect. With stride Goqii is aiming to solve this, The device sits on the shoelace and does one thing which it’s designed for that it tracking fitness related data and nothing else.

The application is designed in a way that its a complete ecosystem in itself. A user can access data related to steps count, sleep data, calories burned and etc. Apart from this where Goqii differs from other leading smartband manufacture is the access to doctors and coach along with the smartband. All the Goqii smart products comes with a 3 months to 12 months subscription according to plan selected while purchasing the product. 3 months is the basic subscription plan one has to select. Trust me, the plan is every penny worth as the coaches and doctors onboard with Goqii are world class and qualified, you have the option to select the coach while signing up and you can even get to know the degrees’ the coach holds and ratings can also be viewed before opting for coach.

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Setting up Goqii Stride is very simple and you can get it running within minutes. The battery insertion and pairing with the Goqii are very simple. The design of the tracker is such that it perfectly sits on the lace and doesn’t get off no matter how hard you run or jump.

As far as monitoring your activities is concerned, like other fitness related bands, don’t expect the Stride to be 100 percent accurate. Time and again there was a vast difference in the readings between the Stride and my Goqii Watch. The Stride sometimes shows extra steps without even walking. While that may make one happy, the Goqii Watch brought me back to reality by showing that I had actually done close to 5000 Steps. This despite wearing the Watch for more time. Having said that, I did notice the discrepancies weren’t as big as what I have experienced when using some of GOQii’s wrist-based trackers.

Goqii Stride Review
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GOQii had launched the Stride for Rs 1,199 making it the cheapest tracker in its portfolio. Currently, though, it is available online for even less at around Rs 799. At this price, it comes across as a tracker for those who run as a hobby or those who prefer doing light cardio in the gym. If you are among those taking the first steps towards getting fit, the GOQii Stride comes across as a good start. But for the pros, it is quite inaccurate and far too limited in its functionality.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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