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Picostone Basic Review: Home Automation Made Simple

Home Automation is one of the things which the New generation home buyers are always looking for in the New house. There are various benefits of Home Automation and Primary one is the ease of access you get at the touch of a button on your mobile. Picostone is a Mumbai based startup which is trying to bring about a change in the Home Automation sector by Automating the traditional home without any fuss to do re-wiring and other things and still enjoy the same experience as any other Home Automation device will give. Picostone Basic about to hit the markets in May/June and We had an early chance to review the device at our place in Mumbai.

Picostone Basic: Design

The Picostone is purposefully designed as a small brick which can fit inside any switchboard. Picostone is designed so that it fits in the switchboard and isn’t visible to anyone. There are four connecting slots present on the device which helps in connecting the device to picostone basic. All the material like wires, Fuse and clips come along with the device so you don’t have to buy them separately.  The packaging of the Device is really small and it can be carried anywhere easily having said that its also easy to install and remove if one is leaving in a rented house. As Picostone gets hidden behind the switchboard there’s nothing much design can do in the device.

Picostone Basic

Picostone Basic: Setup and Performance

Picostone should be installed by a known electrician and if you are well aware of the electrical connection then I would suggest installing it yourself else in our case Picostone arranged a technician for installing the device. The installation was hassle free and took only 10 mins to get installed. Picostone Basic can be controlled only via its application interface and you need to download their application from the play store. The application is lightweight and easy to use. While running the application for the first time you need to configure picostone to run from your Home Wifi. The steps to do so already comes with a small pamphlet along with the device. Once configured you can use picostone from anywhere through your mobile. You can control the devices on picostone through your mobile data as well. There is a slight lag of 1 min to 2 min when control devices through your mobile data. Your switches on the board also work but in an opposite manner so for example if you have turned the fan ON from picostone you can switch off the Fan through by turning the switch to ON State. Basically switches become back Switch. The device works flawlessly and is easy to use and configure, it comes with a bunch of features such as mood setting and Scheduling. These features work well if you have an appropriate light connected to picostone.

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Picostone Basic

Surprisingly the Picostone is Alexa ready and has already skill for it in the Skill Store of Amazon. It’s like the Icing on the cake – You can control Picostone through Alexa without even having to touch your mobile phone. Your voice is enough for picostone to get started and get the things done. But in case of Alexa, there are few things that need to be updated like whenever I asked Alexa to turn the Fan ON or OFF it actually turned everything ON and OFF. So there needs to be something that needs to be updated to prevent it. During the review, I faced some small issue’s which were solved by the team immediately and I had a very pleasurable experience with them.

Pricing and Availability

The Picostone Basic is available at a Price of Rs. 11800 and can be booked through the Picostone’s official website. The pricing is a little bit on a higher side and would stop the budget users to get their hands on their Smart Home Automation. Still, I believe the Price is justified with the Kind of service and experience the Picostone provides.

Picostone Basic Review
  • Design
  • Performance
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  • Setup and Installation


Picostone basic is a great device if you are looking to turn your traditional home into a smart home without having to do any alteration to the structure or wiring. The device gets installed in Minutes and can be used just after installing it. The pricing of the device is bit of concern for budget concious buyers.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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