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Weblistr Review : Online Directory For Best Websites And Apps

While the internet is growing at an astronomical speed, it has become truly difficult to keep a track of the new websites which comes up each day and only to make our life easier. There exist endless apps and websites to give users a comfortable user experience. But we tend to lose out on them due to their invisibility in the vast online world. Comes into play, an e-commerce aggregator that lists, rates and reviews websites and apps. It is a NASSCOM 10k registered startup that helps users to find the best online websites to cater to all their needs.

Everybody loves to shop and always look for variety. Weblistr cumulates useful information of e-commerce websites and apps across 20+ industries such as fashion, home décor, travel, food delivery, jobs, healthcare, education etc. When you search something on Weblistr, you get plenty of sites to choose from and one can select the best by reading the user generated ratings and reviews. Their ratings and review section informs the users about the honest experience of its customers on a particular website and helps users to make an informed shopping decision. Relief is what it is, now no more being hesitant while trying a new website. There is ‘Collection’ tab in the main menu which simplifies your work and suggests you with some of the best performing sites and out of the box service providers which have been liked by other users.

The portal is very easy to understand and helps users to have a smooth shopping experience. Their homepage has a neat design and interface. What I really appreciate about Weblistr is that they help in finding specialized websites for the product/service they need. They are updating their website with new features, one of them is “Deals”, it will give users discount deals and offers on a different website. The site’s loading time and speed are very fast. It frustrates users like me when websites don’t load in time and thankfully not the case with Weblistr.

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For startups, it serves as a great platform to gain visibility. Startups can list themselves on Weblistr absolutely free. Any business with a website or an app can list themselves from the ‘List A Company’ option available on their home page. Being listed on Weblistr, the users will be able  your website under the apt category and choose to buy from it. After the company creates an account on Weblistr they can directly interact with their customers through the platform and hence improve their reputation in the minds of the customers.

It is not the end. has a very active blog which provides interesting reads and videos on websites/apps, app reviews, online deals and more. They dedicate each month to a different category, last month was ‘Food Month’ so they focused on all food related websites and engaged with the users through infographics, articles, and videos and got a great response. This month they are focussing on ‘Apparels’. Weblistr launched on 9th July 2016 has 22k+ Facebook fans and 1000+ Twitter followers.

It is an interesting website with a lot of potential. Wish them luck!

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
Meet Sachin Agarwal, a passionate social media enthusiast and a self-proclaimed geek with an unbreakable bond with technology. Currently serving as a Senior Manager in On-Demand Delivery at Reliance Jiobp, Sachin's fascination with technology remains unwavering while others his age may have experienced numerous breakups. Throughout his journey, Sachin has earned countless treats from friends who sought his expertise in resolving laptop and computer issues. Technology runs in his veins, making him the go-to Tech Advisor for everyone fortunate enough to know him. Now, with Indian Tech Guys as his platform, Sachin aims to share his vast knowledge and insightful reviews with the world, establishing himself as the "Sachin of Technology." Join him on this exciting venture as he explores and embraces all things tech.
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