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Pro8 Series Projectors From View Sonic With Flex In Design

ViewSonic Corp, a leading global provider of visual solution products, announces its new line of Pro8 Series projectors for installation application. ViewSonic’s Pro8510L and Pro8530HDL projectors deliver the flexibility and extensive connectivity options needed for various types of installation designs, making them ideal for usage in larger venues such as houses of worship and larger than average conference rooms, classrooms, or auditoriums.

Pro8 Series

ViewSonic’s Pro 8 Series is the first model to adopt the Flex-In concept, which is a new design concept that allows for flexible and well-integrated installation with easy adjustment and maintenance. The Flex-In design concept is comprised of three key elements: intuitive form, high flexibility, and easy installation. Intuitive form embodies a premium design that is stylish enough to adapt to any usage scenario. High flexibility sets out to provide versatile usage by allowing users to perform an abundance of varied configurations. Easy installation allows for easy image adjustments and positioning, making setup simple

With 5200 lumens of brightness, ViewSonic’s® Pro8510L and Pro8530HDL projectors come with the company’s proprietary SuperColor™ and SonicExpert® technologies for advanced color, sound reproduction, and audio enhancement. Some of Pro8510L and Pro8530HDL’s feature include vertical lens shift, extensive 1.6 X zoom, a centered lens design, IR pass-through, and horizontal/vertical keystone correction. They also both come equipped with PortAll®, which is an enclosed HDMI/MHL connection compartment that supports media streaming from wireless HDMI dongles or connected devices. PortAll® can also be paired with an optional HDBaseT adapter for network cabling to deliver the perfect combination of audio/video performance. For easier control of Port all connected devices, the specialized 4 in 1 power button on the projector includes a power key, dongle power indicator, projector control IR receiver, and remote player IR receiver.

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The Pro8510L is a native XGA-based projector with a wide array of connectivity capabilities including three HDMI inputs, one HDMI/MHL, VGA, S-Video, RCA, VGA, RS232, RJ45, built-in USB-A and micro-USB power for accessories. ViewSonic’s Pro8530HDL is a 1080p projector with a 1.07-1.71 throw ratio and features the same wide array of connectivity capabilities as the Pro8510L model.

Price, Availability & Warranty:

ViewSonic Pro8510L comes with the MRP of Rs. 124,900/- and the product is available from now with ViewSonic India and its Regional Distributors carrying the warranty of 3 years.


ViewSonic Pro8530HDL comes with the MRP of Rs. 214,900/- and the product is available from now with ViewSonic India and its Regional Distributors carrying the warranty of 3 years.

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