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Today at the AVIVA Early starters event held at Worli, Mumbai , under the presence of none other than Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar their brand  ambassodor  23 lucky winners of the early starters contest will be announced. It is  AVIVA’s own successful “What’s your big plan?” campaign which initiated the start of the early starters contest which was Sachin’s own idea suggested to AVIVA. Sachin’s own dependable innings as a cricketer was successful as he started early, selecting his dream destination at about 8 years of age and going through to become the GOD of cricket. These 23 contest winners will be so called lucky because they will be selected among 36000 participants and will have none other than SACHIN TENDULKAR as their chief  mentor along with other big names like Dr Naresh Trehan, chef Kunal Kapur, RJ Naved etc.

As a description of the prime aim of this initiative Mr. Trevor Bull, MD& CEO, AVIVA life expressed his views on how the youth of India are motivated to pursue the career of their choice and how the conventional education system is obstructing their vision. Thus this early starters initiative is giving children an opportunity to live their dream career for a day. The mentors which Aviva have selected will give these children an inside view of what the children will be experiencing while they go forward  to achieve their aim of life.

The event started with a reverbrating sound of SACHIN!!!! SACHIN!!! from the crowd with the GOD OF CRICKET entering to the lime light with his simplest dressing and that sachinian smile. That entry was followed by Mr. Trevor Bulls speech stating the history of Aviva and about its services ranging from the early starters initiative for youth to the retirement plans for the elderly. The principles on which aviva is working i.e transparency, value for your money, relevance and the trust built were emphasized by the CEO of AVIVA Mr. Bull.

Mr. Bulls words were followed by Ms. Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Market & Digit officer displaying  the mentors advising the winners and also the inclusion of unconventional careers options in India. Further the winners were announced and felicitated by SACHIN himself with his most reliable equipment i.e a BAT( I wish I got one .). We could see his down to earth attitude while having a talk with those children. The picture of him raising the bat which we have always seen on those 22 yards was overwhelming on the stage.

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Felicitation was followed by the expert advice from Sachin, don’t take me wrong the advice was not about cricket but about how to take on life, accepting criticism positively and yes the importance of a perfect mentor to succeed which Sachin found in his own brother Mr. Ajit Ramesh Tendulkar followed by a perfect coach i.e Mr. Ramakant Achrekar. He also stated how important it is to point out your own mistake even if it is your last inning which sachin himself did during his Wankhede test. Sachin was also in agreement with Mr. Bull on having a private children fund at home for supporting the career of your child and allow them to achieve the career of their choice.


The event has left a remarkable impact about how preplanning would affect you as well as your wards career . Aviva has taken a great initiative to promote the unconventional career options which the youth is turning to at a greater pace in India these days. Me being a teenager now didnot get the opportunity to pursue the career of my choice due to some un avoidable reasons( Don’t blame my parent for that they did great :P). I went with the waves but will make sure it doesnt hinder my future generation. Excelling in a career which interests you will always be easier as compared to the carrer put on you by force and Aviva’s Early Starters initiative is providing a helping hand to the youth of India so that they start early and reach thier goal as early as possible. The event was a remarkable experience as it shed a light on what early start means and how it affects your future. We reap what we sow and sowing at the right time will always benefit you.

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