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Synology Showcases Latest NAS Storage for India

Synology a known name in Storage solutions globally had recently invited me to an exclusive showcase of the storage devices that are made for the year 2019. The name is known globally for its robust performance and quality products. In the closed-door event, the company showcased its plan for India in 2019 and various networking equipment. The company in the presentation focused on the plan for India. The company also unveiled new offerings across its popular range of Deskstation and Rackstation NAS solutions today at exclusive media briefings held recently in Mumbai & Delhi.

Some of the new unveiled today included:-

  • RS1619xs+

The flagship RS1619xs+ is built for high-performance computation and file collaboration. The 1u rackmount NAS comes with 8 GB RAM upgradable up to 64 GB, 2.7 GHz Quad Core Processor and is scalable up to 16 drives and a built-in M.2 2280 SSD Cache slot making it the perfect solution for IO- intensive tasks like virtualization or server deployments.      

  • DS1019+

A 5 bay desktop NAS in compact chassis design and resilient horsepower, the DS1019+ features a quad-core processor, 8GB memory and dual M.2 NVMe SSD slots that allow users to create SSD cache without occupying any drive trays. Its dual-channel 4K video transcoding capability and scalable storage design also make it an ideal option for multimedia applications and streaming HD videos among multiple devices. 

  • DS2419+

This high-capacity desktop form factor device is a 12 bay NAS that is able to tackle application workloads of growing businesses. With a Quad-core CPU and expandable DDR4 memory up to 32GB, the 2.1 GHz quad-core CPU is capable of handling multiple data streams from diverse applications enabling enterprises to effortlessly deploy vast and scalable storage solutions.    

  • DS1819+

The DS 1819+ is an 8 bay desktop NAS built for SMB’s. Four Gigabit Ethernet ports and one PCIe expansion slot provide great configuration flexibility and support for failover/link aggregation

The Disk Station also comes with a comprehensive backup solution including private/public cloud, desktop, and Active 365/G Suite.  

Disk Station Manager (DSM)

At the unveiling, Synology also presented Disk Station Manager (DSM), an intuitive web-based Operating System designed to manage multiple Synology digital assets cross homes and offices. The Operating System includes File Sharing, File Syncing, Data Backup, NAS Protection, Virtualization, Productivity, Multimedia, Cloud Services, Management and, Data Security. 

Synology Active Backup Suite

All industries need data backup as there is a huge amount of data being generated. Synology’s  Active Backup suite centralizes backup tasks for VMware, Windows, Office 365 and G Suite to Synology NAS – and lets you manage from one simple console. Fast and reliable recovery delivered to keep running services, VMs and files are instantly available.

With Synology NAS, Disk Station Manager and the Active Backup suite, we seamlessly complement hardware with software by providing an integrated backup and recovery appliance,” said Mike Shay, India Business Manager, Synology Inc , “ This turnkey solution centralizes data administration and streamlines acquisition, deployment and technical support with ease,” he added.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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