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Yahoo Mail Android App Review: A Simple and Beautiful Mail Client

This Week for the Review we are aiming at the Yahoo Mail Android client. Sure, Google trounced them in search within the period of time, however, Yahoo has managed to stay through it with some of the bruises.

As it seems, Yahoo has some pretty nice apps. 1st and foremost, Yahoo Mail delivers some extraordinarily sharp visuals thanks in no little part to the robust theme support. There are plenty of themes available for Yahoo mail which can be configured through the web interface and Android mail client as well. However, when you browse through inbox or other parts of the Yahoo Mail in the Android App the background is blurred out and as soon as you pop into a menu, you get a striking wallpaper and assigns a complementary highlight color through the remainder of the interface. You can find the same setup on the web version of Yahoo Mail as well. The App Icon is flat and Minimal and we liked it simple because of simplicity and Transitions are smooth in the App.

Yahoo Mail Android App neatly bundles in some of their alternative services within the app, together with a news reader, web search, native weather forecast, sports scores, attention-grabbing videos and pictures via Flickr. It’s neat having these all enclosed while not having to download an individual app for those purposes. Not to forget the Yahoo mail Android App has all the core function which a mail client is supposed to have like adding attachments, selecting multiple attachments, swiping right to mark as read and swiping left to delete a mail. Although While composing a mail no rich text editor present in the app. Apart from some additional feature like Adding GIF and stationery which are sort of image background for the message are implemented which may or may not be as useful depending on the user.

Also, the app sends a LED notification in there’s a new mail in your inbox provided your phone has a notification LED and supports notification by the third-party app and a refreshingly pleasant notification sound. Of course, both can be turned off if desired. The notification tray alert includes an action key to Mark as read and Delete the mail received so that you have an easy access to the application and you can reply quickly to the emails which are important to you. Whenever a new mail is received the Mail’s subject and a preview of 1st line is shown in the notification panel provided your notification panel isn’t filled up with other application notification else only a new mail notification would be seen.

Yahoo MailScreenshot_20160720-112030

The only thing which creates a problem is that the first sticky block in the inbox is of advertisement which is sometimes can be mistakenly clicked and you are taken outside the app. This can also divert your concentration as we felt when we used the app. Adding Gmail and other accounts is handy, just follow guided steps which app takes you through and you are good to go.  Finally, there is support for labels, you can mark items with stars for future reference, and filters can be assigned on the web so certain messages get shunted directly to specific folders

Yahoo Mail has introduced several new and exciting updates for iOS and Android that are focused on allowing users to add their own personal touch to their inbox. Check out the new features below.

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What’s New for iOS?


Undo Send

Realize you accidentally chose the wrong email recipient or catch a typo last-minute? Don’t stress, Yahoo Mail app for iOS users gives the ability to take back an email right after it’s been sent. After you press send, an option to “undo” will appear at the bottom of your inbox feed for three seconds. Just click that and you’ll stop the email from sending! Phew!

Contact improvements

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Now when you search for a person in Mail, in addition to their most recent emails, you’ll also see their contact card with information including picture, phone number, and email history. And no, you don’t have to enter any of this manually. The app pulls all of this together with a little Yahoo magic, leveraging Xobni technology.

New animations

Keep an eye out for fun, updated animations in Mail, including the animated Star button and wiggling Trashcan.

What’s new for Android?



We know you love sending fun, thoughtful emails whether you’re on your computer or your phone, so we’re bringing Stationery, courtesy of Paperless Post, to Android. Now you can add an extra touch to your emails with our Stationery themes, making that birthday wish to your best friend or thank you letter to Grandma that much more special.

A Few Other Updates

  • Document Preview: Previewing an attachment will not only save you space and data, but you can now view large files on your phone or tablet significantly faster, without any download.
  • Home Screen Widgets: Added a fourth widget that shows the unread message count for all your accounts and mailboxes.
  • Disable Swiping: the ability to turn off the swipe to delete functionality. Never accidentally delete an email again.
  • Spacing: you can now choose five levels of inbox spacing, from super-dense (no avatars, no message snippet) to super-expanded (several lines of message snippet).
  • Update to Themes: updated the dark gray theme to be extra-high-contrast.

The new iOS and Android features are available in India, so be sure to update your Yahoo Mail app from the App Store and the Play Store to the latest versions ( iOS 4.5 and Android 5.7).

What Do you think about the app and What new features can be added, Do let us know Via comment section below?

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Since Yahoo Mail’s launch, it has provided hundreds of millions of people worldwide with free email accounts. With its top-notch scanning services provided by Norton, mobile apps on multiple platforms, instant messenger and more, it doesn’t look like Yahoo Mail will close up shop anytime soon. The Support and features the app offers are really great and it has flexibility and allowing users to customize the looks and feel is the best part of the application

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