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Asus Zenbook Flip S UX370 Review: Benchmark for upcoming laptops

Intel a few months ago has launched the Intel 8th Generation kabby lake processors and Asus jumped in and felt the need to fit in these new processors into their laptop. I am glad that Asus has launched the Asus Zenbook flip S with some really beefed up specs and performance improvements.

This machine is 2 in 1 convertible and if you haven’t used a convertible machine before then going in with this one is a great idea. Two in one convertible used to feel like more of a marketing gimmick until you use one and experience the kind of practical uses they provide. If you have to present any work, then they’re particularly deft at the task, as indeed they are at playing back movies without a keyboard glowing underneath the screen.

The Asus Zenbook Flip S is the machine with top-notch specs and it falls into the territory of MacBook Pro. The price of the machine is slightly on the higher side and let’s find out if this machine is a better option than the MacBook Pro.


This is one of the slimmest laptops in the market. The main highlight of this laptop is the hinge that literally gets disappeared when you convert the laptop into a tablet. The hinge is a multipurpose one where it keeps the keyboard connected to the screen. The laptop which I received for review is a Royal blue and it does look royal with golf colored lines running on the edges. The laptop is a fingerprint magnet and if you intend to use it is a tablet then you should keep a cloth ready for you to clean the screen every now and then along with the laptop’s lid. The lid also gets fingerprints. One thing I like the most is the people notice the laptop due to its color and slimness.

And you will want to touch it. A lot. It’s beautiful to hold, in any of its orientations, but particularly as a tablet, where you can cradle it easily in one hand while tapping away with the other. At 2.42lbs it’s certainly light enough, and the inclusion of a slipcase means that you can pop its svelte 13.3-inch form into any bag easily. Even the power brick is small enough to take along with you without much hassle.

At initial, I thought the keyboard wouldn’t be much comfortable to use and typing on this would be a real problem, but that wasn’t the case. I have written reviews including this one on it and found it to be just perfect. Getting used to it was quick. The touchpad is great and works so smoothly. In my case, the touchpad sometimes got a freeze and would not work until I restarted the machine. The fact that it also has a touchscreen means you’re spoilt for choice here.


The laptop being world’s slimmest does not mean that it compromises anywhere on the performance part. On the laptop, I was able to edit photos on photoshop and create infographics illustrator. The SSD and Ram along with the processor help it in getting the task accomplished without any problems. The laptop doesn’t show a sign of suffering when I edited a 4K video on it and it took around 4 hours to complete rendering which is the minimum time for me till date.

The laptop has just 2 USB – C ports along with volume rocker, Power button and a fingerprint scanner which just works great. The connectivity for this laptop is through an ASUS Dock which is provided separately where you get ports such a standard USB port, HDMI port, and a type c port.

Updating the ZenBook Flip S to use Intel’s latest 8th-generation CPU is a welcome move, as it sees this svelte machine trade blows with much beefier options. The stock frequency of this quad-core, an eight-thread chip may not excite at 1.8GHz, but it rarely operates at anything as low as that, instead of heading up to 4GHz when required.

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The laptop can’t keep running at higher frequencies all the time because it does get warm and the cooling fan does a great job of keeping the noise levels down while keeping the things cool.

This machine relies on the integrated graphics processor and does not have a stand-alone one and due to which most of the modern games cannot be played on this machine as the graphics and frame rate would be low and in single digit. The laptop is not designed for gaming purposes but it should be kept in mind while purchasing due to its price.

Battery Life

This is one area where the machine didn’t surprise me. The laptop was able to run through a day but with a charge in between to keep it running. The laptop on a single charge runs between 3 – 4 hours. While watching a movie the laptop runs for 6 hours on a single charge.

PCMark 8 managed just over three hours, which is fine, and something of a worst case scenario, but it’s not going to last a day’s hard graft without juice. I could happily carry this around all day, but we’ll need to reach for a power socket at least once during that time. The screen is a particularly vibrant panel, with punchy colors and great viewing angles. The sound is surprisingly good as well, with the Harman Kardon-certified speakers capable of producing a better than average audio experience for films and music.

Price and availability

Much has been said about the laptop in the review and now comes the part where the pricing of the laptop is revealed. The laptop is definitely not a one that’s light on the pocket. This machine packs the latest components which cost in premium and adds to the value of the laptop. The laptop is priced at 1,34,990 in India and is available at Amazon along with Asus authorized partners.

There’s one problem with which this laptop suffers from, That is the introduction of many models in the market. it’s a bit of a nightmare drilling down to the exact models. The point is here from the recommendation part, as it isn’t always clear what you’re getting. Essentially there are two different storage solutions on offer for the Asus ZenBook Flip S UX370: a straight SATA SSD version and the much faster PCIe NVMe SSD. We’ll get on to the performance metrics shortly, but essentially you’re looking at six times the read performance with the latter, and three times the write performance, which makes for a much more responsive experience.

In terms of value for money, the Asus ZenBook Flip S UX370 is an expensive machine, but it’s well designed using quality components, performs well, and feels like it’s sturdy enough to represent good value for money.


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Asus Zenbook Flip S UX370 is a great laptop no matter what task you throw at this laptop, it will handle it smoothly. This machine also provides the scope to entertain you after a hard working day in office. It looks great, sounds good and feels so awesome to use. Yes, I would like a bit more stamina, but even the power brick is compact enough to take with you. I would definitely recommend this laptop for its performance and design.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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