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Angel Broking ARQ APP – A Revolutionary App for Smart Investors

Angel Broking Ltd has launched a new investment service called ARQ, based on the principles of Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz’s modern portfolio theory. The logical engine behind ARQ uses these concepts to build you a diversified portfolio, based on your risk profile.

In India people still are confused and have a concern about risk and security market, when we say about mutual funds the general mindset is that will it be safe or will I be getting the return or will my principal amount even come back?. The thing is that people are generally fooled by the agents who show false information and misrepresent the information to the users which they believe without any verification.

To solve this problem and provide users with insights and analytics, Angel Broking has used the Digital technology that is been available and have been working since 2 years to provide a better users experience to the consumers. In the era of digitization, new technological breakthroughs have been changing the way we live, interact with each other and the way we carry out our financial transactions. Early on, Angel Broking saw a huge opportunity in a digital marketplace for financial services that would provide the best-in-class experience to the growing population of digital natives waiting to be served.

ARQ is an Engine which is exclusively developed by Angel Broking in order to provide the best in class investment services to the investors and first-time investors who are new to the world of financial markets and investments. There’s a lot of technology involved when ARQ is being used in the application.

Features of ARQ

  • Powered By Deep Industry Insights
  • Personal Investment Advisory Capability
  • Can foresee future performance of the Investments
  • Offers Highest Return Options.
  • Notifies you about whenever Re-Balancing is necessary.
  • Helps you Achieve Financial Goals

How ARQ Works

ARQ is basically a recommendations engine that provides different investment options to the investor based on their:

  • Age
  • Risk appetite
  • Investment behavior
  • Experience etc.
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Once you have provided them with the details, they come up with recommendations. In my case, they came up with three mutual funds, 2 equity and 1 debt and 3 delivery based stock trades. You can directly invest in them by a button provided on the same page which saves you from the hassle of creating the order. Once you purchase, they also provide you with the tracking facility so that you can track how your investment is doing.

Counting in few factors, Angel Broking claims to suggest different recommendations to different investors by running few algorithms while considering the research done by their expert’s team.

ARQ is a system which is backed by Deep Insights and Industry knowledge. The system relies on the information and predicts the future about the performance of the investment and possible returns that you may get. ARQ uses a model that assumes that for all efficient portfolios there has to be a mix of assets, and based on this it helps investors allocate to equity, debt, and gold. If you are an Angel Broking client, you can go here and start using it; else you can sign up online too. While signing up, you will be asked questions about how much risk you are comfortable with, and an asset allocation recommendation will be suggested to you. And only after that, the products would be recommended. You can use this service to invest in stocks, equity mutual funds (MFs), debt mutual funds, and gold exchange-traded funds.

Ultimately, the merit of such a platform lies in the performance of a recommended portfolio, which can be verified only over time. This is a good option if you are looking for automated advice. If you need hand holding and regular information, hold out for offline advisers.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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