Will digital redefine workplaces in the coming time?

Technology-led changes are now all-pervasive, with today’s workplaces being no exception. The exponential increase of workplace technologies, information sharing, and various mobility and collaboration tools are reshaping how the work is being done. Being a tech enthusiast, I am a keen observer of this fast-evolving landscape of the modern workplace. And the recently held Dell Technologies Forum in Mumbai, more specifically, the quite insightful debate of CIOs during the event, provided me with more insights into how digital technologies are reshaping and revamping modern workplaces, paving the way for workforce transformation.

Before jumping on the discussions around the subject, let me give an overview of Dell Technologies Forum. Although I was well aware of the forum, this was the first time I personally experienced the grandeur of 7 technology powerhouses under the common brand name called Dell Technologies. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 400-500 participants, who were mainly IT decision-makers from different industries and sectors. Segmented into different thought-provoking sessions, the forum gave me a whole new perspective of how modern technologies are doing their best to usher in digitalization across industries.

Since I was very keen to know how technologies are influencing the modern workforce and workplaces as well, sessions on ‘Right Size Technology for the Modern Workforce,’ ‘Modern Management of Windows 10 with Dell and VMware’, and ‘Dell IT’s Journey: Empowering our Digital Workforce’ were quite insightful for me. Nevertheless, a special attraction of the forum was the hands-on lab zone—a grand opportunity to come face to face with new-age technologies and their grand applications.

Debate on Future of Workplaces

Debate on Future of Workplaces

Now, coming back to my special interest, which was the show-stopper for me in this Mumbai event. The CIO debate on “Digital will end the avatar of office spaces as we know it.” Moderated by Srihari Palangala, the debate witnessed the participation of 6 CIOs, 3 in favour and 3 against the motion. Will modern technologies put an end to the so-called office culture? Indeed, the entire discussion glued me to the seat.

The participants who were in the favor of virtual workspaces presented some nice points to contemplate on. For example, Sajid Sayed pointed out that virtual office would be the future of the workplace, as it would go a long way in saving travelling time, fatigue and costs involved. He also cited that how the BFSI sector had already set a classic example of workplace going virtually.

I believe technology is meant to make our lives easier and we should make the most of it to ease our lives. Mr. Sajid’s insights resonate quite well with my belief. However, does it mean there would be no ‘so-called workplace’ in the coming time? And here was put a nice thought by Sudip Mazumdar, as he said, “Physical world is the world where we should be as a human being. It’s important to meet people face to face and make a connect.” So, what’s the conclusion?

Digital will not fully end the avatar of office spaces as we know it. However, it will play a leading role in enhancing workforce productivity anywhere and anytime. As human creativity needs the right environment for the right output, technologies will provide with the right tools so that the workforce stays consistent with their performance everywhere. And with the combined technologies of 7 powerhouses of Dell family making a stride, the possibilities of workforce transformation seem to be enormous in the near future. And I am quite upbeat that leveraging these technologies, every organization will be able to make this transformation real in their organization.

Sachin Agarwal

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