It’s ironic that I am writing on this subject being an ad professional, but who doesn’t hate flashing, intrusive and annoying ads showing up everywhere.

Is there anyone who isn’t irritated by online advertising? Do you want to lose weight? Would you like to meet hot single girls in your area? How about a free drink when you sign up here? Let’s play a game of Rummy? Congratulations! You’re the 9,999th visitor, claim your prize.

Video ads, floating ads, annoying pop -ups, text ads and flashy banners are just getting bigger and flashier so that people are inclined to click on them. Even the most recommended solution, Adblocker plugins doesn’t seem to be working effectively, that’s because they have purposely whitelisted some of the acceptable ads.

So you have the problem, I have the solution. Follow the simple steps explained below to block ads without installing plugins.


Adfree Browsing Experience is just a few steps away:


  1. Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to launch the RUN box.
  2. Type the file location “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” (Without Quotes) in the RUN box and then click OK
    step 1
  1. You’ll be taken to the location, right click on ‘hosts’(Hosts file needs to edited and in order to edit the file, we need to enable permissions) select ‘Properties’,
    step 2
  2. Click on Security tab, go to Users and then click edit
  3. Again click on ‘Users’
  4. Check all the checkboxes under the Allow section and Click OK – OK
  5. Now open the ‘host file’ with notepad, go to the end of the file, copy paste the entire list of
    adservers (Check below for the list) at the end of the host file, Close and save
  6. You’re done.


Here’s the list of adservers
[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]



Revive Adserver


Home Page Section


Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Happy Browsing!

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