Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer Everything you need to know

Reliance jio is making rounds of news everytime something new comes and this time it not new. Recently Mukesh Ambani announced few things which will further the popularity and user base of jio. Since the start of jio services the employees were only the one who was able to use jio services and then after some testing the normal non-employee users were allowed to use Jio 4G Services. Jio services went on to offer new schemes which would attract user base to the service and it worked too in favor of jio approximately 52 million customers have joined across 28 states of India on its 4G LTE wireless broadband network. Reliance Jio Chairman announced the extension of jio welcome offer to Jio Happy new year offer. There’s a catch in the new happy new year offer.

Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer

There’s a catch in the new jio happy new year offer. In the welcome offer, there is a FUP (Free usage policy) of 4GB per day but in the jio happy new year offer you get FUP of 1GB per day which is one-fourth of the what welcome users are getting. The new connection post 4th December would have welcome offer benefits until 31st of December and after that, from 1st January, all the users would be shifted to Happy new year offer. Once you have crossed your FUP the speed would be reduced to 128Kbps. So, if you buy a Jio SIM before December 4, you will be able to enjoy close to 30 days of unlimited data with the 4GB per day FUP.

Mukesh Ambani also announced about the Jio fully supporting Mobile Number Portability. meaning you would now be able to switch from current operator to jio 4g without having to change your number. Also, recently jio sims have started being delivered to your home and being activated in 5mins with the help of eKYC.

Reliance Jio has expanded so rapidly thanks to its promotional ‘Jio Welcome Offer’ that was introduced back in September, giving users unlimited data, voice calling, SMSs and national roaming until December 31, 2016, which the Ambani called the learning period for the company to understand how to provide better service to users.

Ambani also talked about how 80 percent users of Jio use an average of 1GB of data each day, but the remaining 20 percent contribute to bandwidth congestion owing to their disproportionately high usage.

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