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India As An Emerging Superpower Country #ParmanuOnZeeCinema

India is a country known for its Rich Culture and Diversity. India is the country known for its diversity and people living together with brotherhood and harmony. People from different parts of the country come together and work. India is globally known for many things like spices, food, and a variety of languages that are spoken in the country.  The popular belief that every 7KM the language changes and it stands true in India because in India every 7KM language changes slightly.  India is country for having a rich history of centuries from the era of God to the era of Mughals to the British.

Being known for so many things, India is still seen as an emerging Super Power but the country has already achieved so many things that is more than enough to get noticed as a Super Country in the world. The Country is already known for being one of the Largest democratic country in the world, which even one of the powerful country in the world is not able to achieve.  India has leaped ahead in the field of science and technology. Example for such leap is The launch of 104 satellites in space in one Go. India also has successfully tested the nuclear missiles in Pokhran – II in India, this test was conducted in the leadership past president – Late Dr. A.P.J Adbul Kalam Sir.


Back then when the Pokhran test was conducted it was done with keeping it as a secret to the Western Intelligence. The whole test was conducted with proper measures and watch so that the international satellites watching India couldn’t get a clue of what was happening in the Pokhran field. The team working in the project was temporarily positioned in Pokhran as personnel of the 58th Regiment of the Army’s Corps of Engineers, dressed in their ill-fitting uniforms and freshly issued false Identity cards; Dr. Abdul Kalam had taken the name of Maj Gen Prithviraj. It was quaintly appropriate for him as he was the team leader of Prithvi missile project – India’s first nuclear-capable ballistic missile with a range of 150 to 250 km. He was indeed a ‘Prithvi Raj’.

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on May 11, 1998, India’s operation Shakti (Pokhran-II) was initiated with the detonation of one fusion and two fission bombs. On 13 May 1998, two additional fission devices were detonated, and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee shortly convened a press conference to declare India a ‘full-fledged nuclear state’ to a stunned world.

With the successful testing after playing a Hide and Seek with the international satellites and spies and agencies, Indian managed to complete the testing of Nuclear missiles underground in Pokhran. Not only the test was successful but it also marked India’s entry into the Big 5 Nations. The Permanent 5 members of the council also accepted India as it’s member.

Extensive planning was done by a very small group of scientists, senior military officers, and senior politicians to ensure that the test preparations would remain totally under wraps. Even senior members of the government had no clue of the planned activities.

The scientists and engineers of the BARC and the DRDO were involved in the nuclear weapons assembly, layout, detonation and obtaining test data. A very small group of senior scientists were involved in the detonation process.

Work was mostly done during the night, and equipment was returned to the original place to give the impression that it was never moved. Bomb shafts were dug under camouflage netting and the dugout and were shaped like dunes, a natural sand formation in the Thar. Cables for sensors were covered with sand and concealed using native vegetation. Scientists would not depart for Pokhran in groups of two or three. They traveled to destinations other than Pokhran under pseudonyms and were then transported by the army.

This is one of the many achievements of India, that is not known to many and it is very important to know how India became a superpower and how it entered the exclusive list of countries with Nuclear weapons capabilities. You can watch this whole thing happening in front of on your, Just Watch the World TV Premier of Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran on 15th August at 12 Noon at Zee Cinema #ParmanuOnZeeCinema #Parmanuon15Aug .

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