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Oneplus 6T: Everything You Need To Know About It

Oneplus had recently announced that the Oneplus 6T would be coming and it will not be just an upgrade. It will be a complete makeover of the smartphone. The company has hinted towards some major changes in the smartphone. Oneplus is one of the leading premium smartphone brands in India. The company has already sold millions of units in India alone. India is a price sensitive market and selling the premium smartphone in a market like this is quite difficult. Oneplus challenged this task and excelled well. The company has actually lived up to their motto of never settle. In fact, Oneplus has surpassed the fan base of apple worldwide.

Oneplus is a brand known for giving a number of features in a smartphone without you having to shell out big bucks. The oneplus 6 has been a success all around the world and now 6T will replace it by the end of October 2018. Apart from India, U.S is a huge opportunity for Oneplus and there are already rumors around that the new Oneplus 6T would be sold through T-Mobile. This will mark the first time shoppers will be able to buy the company’s phones through a U.S. carrier. And the phone will definitely have an embedded fingerprint sensor underneath its display.

Oneplus has only revealed a very small amount of details about its upcoming smartphone. Since we already know that a new smartphone is already coming, we can make some guesses around it. Also, Oneplus and apple are the brands whose details leak out well before the launch of the smartphone.

OnePlus’ Pete Lau has confirmed that the OnePlus 6T will launch with Android 9 Pie, via Chinese social networking platform Weibo.

Launch Date

We received the event invite for Oneplus 6T for 30th of October(India) but it seems now the company has rescheduled the launch to 29th October because of Apple’s event coming up on the same date. Since Apple has announced its event in Brooklyn and oneplus is holding its launch event at New York, So as to avoid the shuffling between the events, Oneplus moved its event to 29th October at 11 a.m. ET.

Oneplus 6T Launch Event Invite
Oneplus 6T Launch Event Invite


As we have mentioned earlier Oneplus will come with an in display fingerprint scanner and it will be called screen unlock and will presumably make the OnePlus 6T the first smartphone launched in the U.S. with the capability when it debuts. OnePlus told CNET it wanted to include the feature on 2017’s OnePlus 5T, but the technology wasn’t ready for the public yet. Vivo has already incorporated the same last year and has also released 3 Phones with the same technology in China and India.

Oneplus 6T Listing on E-commerce Site
Oneplus 6T Listing on E-commerce Site

A report from Gizbot suggests that OnePlus 6T could add a feature like the pop-up selfie cam found on the Oppo Find X. (Chinese phone maker Oppo also owns OnePlus.) Adopting that feature would let OnePlus shrink the top bezel on its phone even more. That same report also predicts three rear cameras and a new processor, though some of that sounds more like wish-casting than realistic possibilities.

What we know for confirm is that the all-new OnePlus 6T will launch with Android 9 Pie installed out of the box. This confirmation comes straight from one of the company’s founders, Pete Lau, who confirmed the detail on Weibo, a popular social network in China. Lau also stated that while the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3 generations will also get the Pie update, those will take a little longer to roll out.

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Compared with previous launches of Oneplus, the rumor mill had been pretty silent about potential features in the OnePlus 6T, at least until online tech store Giztop posted an entry for the OnePlus 6T by mistake that may have revealed some significant new specs.

According to the Giztop post, the new phone will feature a 6.4-inch screen with a 2340 x 1080 resolution. With a waterdrop bezel at the top instead of a full-fledged notch, the OnePlus 6 will offer a screen-to-body ratio of 91.5 percent. As with the 6, the 6T will feature a Snapdragon 845 processor and either 6GB or 8GB of memory and three different storage options. The image for the listing also teases a third camera on the back of the phone.

Rumors of a triple-camera setup have come and gone — Giztop’s render shows a third lens underneath the typical pair that theoretically would be used for depth sensing. But the image leaked by WinFuture showed a dual-shooter housing that looked virtually the same as that of the OnePlus 6, so it’s too early to tell how the final product will pan out.

Oneplus 6T Design: How will it look like

There are already plenty of leaks online on weibo as well as other platforms. The incoming of the new phone from Oneplus is evident and as per the data, the new oneplus 6T would fit in the body of 6 in spite of the hardware changes. This has been confirmed by the oneplus itself when it announced the in display fingerprint sensor.

Oneplus 6T Design
Oneplus 6T Design

OnePlus has even started to begin teasing the phone itself, through its Twitter page. The shadowy image above appears to depict a OnePlus 6 lying on top of a 6T. Notice the slight indentation along the left side of the device beneath. That trait isn’t present on the OnePlus 6, and it could be a hint of the 6T’s revised slimmer earpiece, which leaks suggest had to be moved above the front-facing camera to accommodate the new teardrop-style notch.

Pricing of Oneplus 6T

Since OnePlus built its reputation on offering more for less, don’t expect from the brand that it would price the upcoming 6T same as the oneplus 6. In fact, oneplus has been known for raising the pricing for It’s T models. For Example, the price difference between the oneplus3 and 3T was around Rs.5000

Also, the cost of the smartphone has shown an increasing trend as well, the Oneplus 6 Sells roughly around Rs.4000 more than the oneplus 5T, and hence the pricing of Oneplus 6T would be definitely more than that of Oneplus 6. There are some leaked pricing rumors also going around and if we go by them than the pricing of Oneplus 6T India would be from Rs.37,999

Sachin Agarwal
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