Rocking Deals venture into 100k sq ft repair factory in Gurgaon

Rocking Deals has built over the years a reputation for selling genuine products and getting the best deals to their customers. They buy from mostly all the brands, portals and distribution houses in the country.Whenever we hear of the term ‘used’, the only thought that strikes our mind is that ‘This product won’t be as good as new’. The trust factor is always low.Rocking Deal is changing this scenario with its continued efforts and Recent approval from Amazon to sell used products on Amazon’s platform is a step ahead in their mission. The Company already has a customer base of over a million customers.Recently Rocking Deals venture into Refurbished/Repair factory in Gurgaon.

The factory is spread across an area of 100k square feet and the new Rocking Deals Venture will offer extended warranties to the products. L4 repair Centre will also open service centers for major brands in the country. Which would definitely increase the trust factor among the buyers. Along with the device, they would now be able to get service for their device. As a user for any product after sales, service is definitely the most important factor.

On the repair factory opening Mr. Yuvraj Aman Singh, Founder & CEO, Rocking Deals said

We are delighted to see our business getting flourished.  It feels great to see how the refurbished products industry is evolving with time. The customer base is increasing everyday as there are more and more people talking about the industry and spreading the awareness. We have personally witnessed a lot of growth in the business and this is the only reason we have been able to open 100k sq. ft. of repair factory in Gurgaon. There is L4 repair Centre will also open service centers for major brands in the country. This will help us take the service industry by storm. “

Sachin Agarwal

Sachin Agarwal, a social media fanatic, and a self-proclaimed geek is currently working as an E-commerce Executive with Future Group - HomeTown. While boys of his age have gone through several breakups, Sachin’s relationship with Technology is still going strong.Sachin has been offered countless treats by his friends for getting their Laptop/Computer issues sorted. He breathes technology and that is the reason why he is a Tech Advisor to everyone who knows him. Indian Tech guys is a perfect platform for the Sachin of Technology to share his knowledge and reviews with the world.

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