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10 jailbreak tweaks (ios 8.x) for a Android lover using ios device!!!

10  jailbreak tweaks for a Android lover using ios device!!!


1.     CallBar

Who doesn’t like the feature from android lollipop which doesn’t interrupt your work when you receive you a call . Now this can be brought to any jailbroken ios device using this tweak . When you receive call while working on your phone what u get is a caller id in the status bar whIMG_8458ich allows u to push up the caller id and attend the call later instead of blocking the whole screen .

It can be purchased from the bigboss repo for $3.99.

2.     WinterBoard

This is one of the oldest tweaks on ios platform. We all like to have some change in our phone after a month or so this tweak allows you to theme your phone. The effects can be seen in the icons the boot logo as well as some ui changes can be done and guess what it is free and has a lot of themes are up in the cydia store (even more than tha stores of many manufacturers)

It can be found in the bigboss repo.

3.     SmartTapIMG_8460IMG_8459

If you have a broken lock button or your device is too large to handle in one hand and use the lock button this tweak will save you. What this tweak does is allows you to lock your phone and even wake it up using the a double tap gesture as we see in many of the android flagships. However it does have a effect on your battery life.

It can be purchased from the big boss repo for $1.99.

4.     iCleaner

This tweak is most important for the devices having just 16gb if memory .As per the ios system we do not have the access to clear the cached data which is created during browsing iCleaner allows you to clear a lots of space. And trust me it does clear gigs of space in your iphone .

It can be found in the bigboss repo for free.IMG_8457

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 IMG_84565.     Anchor

For those who want to arrange their icons as they want on your homescreen this is the tweak you would want with you. It allows you to arrange your icons as per your preference from bottom to top or from top to bottom without any restrictions . So enjoy the new design of your homescreen.



6.     Cylinder

For any one who wants some new kind of animation for the swipes you do on your homescreen cylinder is what u need .Its free its customizable and you can have combinational effects for it.

It can be found in the bigboss repo for free.IMG_8472 - Copy

7.     BytaFont 2

Fonts describe your device ui and so if u want to customize it BytaFont 2 is your go to tweak.There are  a tons of fonts available in cydia.For that instance “Architect’s daughter” is one of the best.

It can be found on the bigboss repo for free.

8.    UntetheredHeySiri

For those who envy the “OK Google” feature of android which allows you to access google any time from homscreen by just saying OK google; UntetheredheySiri brings u similar kind of functionality by activating siri whenever you say hey siri.

It can be found in the bigboss repo for free.

9.  iApplockIMG_8469 - Copy

Miss the applocker from your android phone iapplock is your solution. It allows you to lock your private apps by using a passcode and guess what it too has a pattern lock option.So now your privacy has been guaranteed.

It can be found in the bigboss repo for free.



10.  iWidgets

The Widgets which every  android user is accustomed to is absent in the ios software. Iwidgets  helps you to Enjoy those good olIMG_8473 - Copyd android days by allowing you to place widgets on your ios  homescreen.

It can be found in the big boss repo for free.

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