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Asus Zenbook Pro UX580: Initial Impressions & Hands on Experience.

Asus a global brand known for laptops and mobiles. The brand has launched the zenbook series for people looking to have great computing experience along with ultrabook feel. Light in weight but heavy duty performance. The laptops in the segment come with top of the line specification and provide great performance. On 13th August Asus announced the launch of Asus Zenbook Pro in India. I had an opportunity try the newly launched laptop at the Asus head office in Mumbai. I really enjoyed the marvel Asus brought in to India market. After using the laptop for some time here are my initial impressions of the laptop.

Asus Zenbook Pro with ScreenPad

Asus Zenbook Pro is powered by Intel i9, Intel top of the line processor which is at the moment present only in the new MacBook Pro 2018. So the zenbook would be directly competing against Apple’s MacBook Pro. The zenbook having all the top specification has something special in-house. The laptops come with military grade certification. Which means the laptop is really very tough and literally non-breakable. The laptop even dropped on the floor from the normal height doesn’t affect its performance or any hardware in it.

Another unique feature of Asus zenbook pro is the convertible trackpad. The trackpad in the laptop is a trackpad with a twist. The trackpad
Is actually the second screen. Which means you can move Youtube videos to trackpad while you are working or listen to Spotify while using the laptop. The laptop even has a dedicated mode which enables you to use the trackpad as utility mode. This mode enables you to use the apps such as the calculator, Spotify, and Netflix on the mouse pad. While you can work on the main screen. Never thought mouse pad can be used in so many ways.

Asus Zenbook Pro – Touchpad with Spotify

Coming to the keyboards of each of the Zenbook Pro, It has an island-style keypad that offers 1.4mm travel space. In our opinion, the ZenBook Pro laptop has a bigger palm rest, which makes gives a comfortable typing experience.

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Coming to the trackpad Which is also an innovative way to tackle the Touch bar by Apple MacBook Pro by Asus ZenBook Pro 15. The company has employed the ScreenPad, which also acts as a second screen, an extension to some of the apps like Word, Excel and more. To switch between modes, all you have to do is press an F6 function key. The external display is especially helpful when you are some important work and want to give a quick glance at the messages or emails. To bring any window to the ScreenPad, you just need to click on the top of the window and just drag in downside towards the ScreenPad.

The Asus Zenbook Pro comes with a revolutionary Asus Sync Feature which lets you completely connect your phone to the Zenbook Pro and lets you even control it from the screen or the screenpad. You can receive calls, Send SMS and pretty much do everything that you would do while being in office. You can answer and decline calls from the laptop. There’s no need to pick your phone to receive calls, You can use the laptop’s built-in speaker and microphone to answer the calls. This feature really amazed me and shown what it feels like to live in a connected ecosystem.

On the battery front, the ZenBook Pro 15 has a 71Whr battery & on the connectivity port, the ZenBook Pro 15 features WiFi, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C with Thunderbolt 3, USB Type-A and standard HDMI ports. ZenBook 13 has a USB Type-C, USB Type-A, HDMI, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

Let us know your thoughts on the engineering marvel Asus has launched in India.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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