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Urby Slim Wallet Review and Unboxing: Amazing Build Quality

Picking the best compact wallet for men might be impossible to do because of two reasons: one, because everyone has their own tastes and two, because men’s wallets almost look alike and have not distinct features except for the pockets and colour. I would suggest that you pay closer attention to the wallet’s material when you buy one. Synthetic ones can be beautiful to look at but leather wallets are more durable. You should also consider the price and make sure that you are not buying overpriced items. Choosing a Wallet can be a daunting task, especially Men’s wallet where every other wallet has same look and design. The only diffirence that most wallets have is the colour combination and the material with sligh changes in the design. Today I am going to make this task easy for you by Reviewing Urby Slim wallet that Urby sent us recently for reviewing.

Urby wallet comes in a exciting packaging where the wallet is placed in the cover which has Urby branding over it. From the cover itself the Product feels premium and I personally was amazed to see such amazing cover for wallet. The wallet was really slim and Yes it didn’t compromise on the space to store those credit/Debit cards. The wallet had everything in its place and Still being slim than most of the wallets available in the market.

The Build of the wallet was really Top Quality and Pure and authentic leather is used in the making. Everything from cards to notes fitted well inside the wallet without any problems. The wallet design was amazing and one of things which rarely any wallet manufacturer is the option to customise the wallet and Urby allows you to have your name embossed on the wallet which look elegant. The wallet was a bi-fold one and after having everything inside, it was still slimmer than my current wallet. This slim wallet really helps in having a comfortable seat because those thich wallet can create itching when you sit on a hard surface with the wallet in the rear pockets. Urby wallet have soft leather finish over it so that being slim it can also be comfortable when seating and moving around. The Wallet which I received for reviewing comes with an Key Ring as well. The key ring is pretty great, its sleek fit and great for having your car or scooter keys in it. The key ring has the Urby branding on it.

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Here are some pictures of the Urby Slim wallet and Key Chain.

About Urby Wallets

Urby is a direct-to-consumer, lifestyle and travel accessories brand . They design and manufacture essentials for an urban lifestyle using the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship.
You can also check their wide range of mens walletsmoney clipsbillfold wallets, ….  and many more
Have something to ask about Urby Slim wallet or the key chain, shoot down you queries in the comment section down below and I will  try to answer all of them.
Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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