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Forcing Windows Upgrade To #Windows10


Well , as many of you know windows 10 has released. But many of us can’t download it yet as Microsoft have decided to release the update in waves so that the upgrade procedure goes smoothly for everyone.

Here we would explain how to force the windows to Download the Latest #Windows10 Files. If you eager to download before you get in the wave Pool please follow the procedure below.
Thanks to user on Reddit for Explaining the process and to figure it out.

By this time everyone has reserved a Copy of Windows 10 and the Windows Install message displays that it would notify you whenever the windows is ready to install the upgrade.

We’ve laid out the instructions with screenshots to guide you through it.

First, navigate to “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download” (you may need to replace C: with a different drive letter if you installed Windows elsewhere) and delete all the files there. This will give Windows Update a clean slate.



After doing the above process you need to go to windows update; you can do so by going into control panel and hitting the windows update icon else you can hover your mouse pointer to the edge of the screen and in search type Windows update.

For windows seven edge is not available, you need to go to the control panel and do the procedure.

Let the windows update window be open ,then open up the command prompt by hitting the Windows key and type in command. Don’t hit enter. Right click and choose “Run as administrator.”

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Type (but do not enter yet) “wuauclt.exe /updatenow” — this is the command to force Windows Update to check for updates.(Without Quotes).


Now go back to the Windows update window and click on check for updates option. After clicking it should say checking for updates.


Meanwhile windows checks for updates Switchback to the command window we opened previously, enter the command we typed in already.

You should now see Windows Update say that it is downloading Windows 10. Before you actually install it it is suggested o take the backup of your data.

While I upgraded to Windows 10 using the above procedure I didn’t lose any file or application installed on my system everything was intact and was as it is on previous windows 8.1. Still would advise everyone to take a backup of important files and proceed further.
The update is about 3 Gb approximately and downloads in background so even if you shut the system and start it next time the windows update will start downloading  from where it stopped previously.

If you have any queries do ask in the comments below.

Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal
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