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Experience the New Age Property Search Through Virtual Reality

So finally you are going to live your dream. You have either saved enough or have come across a windfall which enables you to make the down payment to book a flat. However, seasoned buyers would tell you that this is when your nightmare begins. Buying property, especially if it is your first, is a process which will consume your time, energy and of course your money. Quite often shortlisting specific properties wouldn’t be only your decision.  It would be a decision which you would take along with your family. So what are the reasons which make the search for properties challenging? :

  • Firstly it becomes difficult to determine the track record of a builder as there are so many builders sprouting up these days
  • To ensure you are taking the right decision, your family and you would have to visit several properties.  This is tiring activity and you would also end up checking out properties which you could have done with not visiting.
  • You may get the best deal in projects which are under construction. The builder might have also kept a show flat on offer. But the sample flat may be located in the best possible part of the building and it may not offer a perspective on how it would be like to live in other parts or floors of the building.
  • You may not be aware of how the entire society would shape up to be like

However today there is an impressive solution for the same: Imagine if we could explore everything ranging from developer’s credibility to financial options to even the finished project from one place. You may claim that I am dreaming. A futuristic company has managed to bridge the gap between dreams and the actual world. And they have done it quite successfully in Aamchi Mumbai itself. Presenting the Real Estate Experiential Centre offered by Magicbricks at the Magicbricks Western Expressway Station on the Monorail route between Andheri and Ghatkopar. Look at some of the pictures of this place: Magicbricks Experience Centre   Well here are the ways how it makes your property search experience extremely smooth:

  1. View your sample flat – The virtual reality experience which is provided using Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift offer a mind-boggling encounter to the prospective buyer of the sample fla t. It feels as if one is inside the completely furnished flat and can walk around to check out all the features of the virtual show flat. You can view various show flats of different builders whose projects are in disparate locations. Just imagine viewing show flats in projects located across Malad, BKC, Chembur and Vashi within an hour!
  2. View the entire project – You can also view all the aspects of an entire project ranging from open spaces in the society to the distance of flat from the main entrance to the aerial view of the entire society.
  3. Gauge all the risks – Magicbricks has created a rich database over the last 8 years. This has allowed them to create an application called Match My Needs which helps the buyer to analyze all possible details about the locality, scrutinize the track record of builders and the progress of the area in the vicinity of the project.
  4. Seek qualified advice – One can also interact virtually with a Magicbricks adviser to seek insights about the buying process.
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Know more:

Virtual Reality Experience.

z9zntr   The Virtual Reality helps you in visiting the sample flats in full 360 views wherein you can move around the flat and see for yourself how the sample flat looks like. This helps the user in visiting number of flats without even having to physically visit the property. One of the time consuming and tedious task when looking for a property is to search and visit it. Well, now you can do both at ease of your fingertips. Magicbricks experience zone is fully equipped to solve this problem.

Interactive Search and Property Information

Magicbricks Interactive property search   The Experience zone at Magicbricks Western Expressway Metro station offers you the ease of searching and locating the property on the touch tables. The touch tables allow the users to get information on the various property on a touch based map. The touch tables allow you to perform tasks ranging property browsing, using various financial calculations and compare various properties. Also, the center has screens with touch facility which shows you featured projects from builders. Also, if there is some need of assistance then the Centre has the facility of connecting to Magicbricks advisor which would be able to show you all the information on the screen which you are connected to. The advisor can assist and solve your queries regarding the property search.

Augmented Reality

Magicbricks Augmented Reality

A survey conducted by Magicbricks suggests that around 60 percent of home buyers end up buying an apartment that does have adequate ventilation or doesn’t have enough natural light. Now, Magicbricks experience center tries to resolve it through augmented reality where a buyer can take an aerial view of the complete society. He will decipher wherever exactly his apartment is within the entire society, how far it’s from the main entrance of the society, check out the open areas, take stock of the inter-tower areas, check out the green areas etc.

Match My Needs

Magicbricks match my needs   The time spent by a homebuyer before he zeroes in on a property can go to several months. during this period, he does all types of analysis to mitigate risks like locality risks, project risks, and developer risks. To cater to the research needs of a home buyer, Magicbricks is exposing its information created over eight years. A buyer will know all about a locality, research the track record of a developer, how the locality is springing up through our “Match My Needs” application. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the ride on the monorail and visit this center whenever you are looking to buy your future home. Thanks to Magicbricks your options are exhaustive rather than exhausting!

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