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Reasons Why You Should Install Air Purifier At Home

Pollution is the Buzz word which we ought to hear every day and have to face it while traveling to work or being at home as well. Pollution present in the atmosphere has started affecting severely with Dire consequences of it. Recently in the Capital Delhi, there was increase in the health-related issues due to Pollution. Pollution is no longer a problem that only exists in school textbooks and environmental summits. Its effects are visible to everyone, whether you lead a lavish lifestyle or struggling with your daily bread. Hence, the need for air purifier for home has increased, in order to lead a healthy and pollution-free life.

Reasons Why you should consider buying an Air-Purifier for your Home

  1. Air purifiers will help to avoid developing one of the many medical problems associated with air pollution. These include asthma, emphysema, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
  2. Cleaner, better quality air will allow for more energy at work and home activities. Polluted air can make your lungs and, ergo, the rest of your body, work harder, thus reducing your overall energy level. This can impact your love life, your ability to enjoy entertainment, and your ability to meet work responsibilities.
  3. Studies have shown that pets with furs and feathers (cats, dogs, birds, etc.) can be main contributors to indoor air pollution. Although some people develop allergies to the proteins in the saliva, feces, urine, and sweat of pets, it’s usually pet dander (tiny bits of skin most pets shed every day) that is the culprit. Although your best bet is to permanently remove such pets from your home (especially your bedroom), you might be able to keep such pets if you follow prescribed guidelines (removing or constantly cleaning rugs, denying them access to furniture, etc.) and go about purifying your indoor air.
  4. Breathing cleaner air will allow your organs (especially your lungs) to work better, usually leading to better oxygen absorption by your brain. This will help you to stay mentally keen and more energetic. This can make a significant difference for creative, family-oriented, and professional responsibility endeavors.
  5. There is no question that prevention is the best medicine by far. This is especially true for children. Children and especially babies are especially susceptible to lung and physical development diseases, many of which can be brought about or worsened by indoor air pollution. Air purifiers can help reduce the medical costs for the whole family.
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Air Pollution is the primary reason which has increased the demand for the Air Purifiers. Air pollution is caused due to the following activities:-

  1. Burning of the Stubble(the paddy straw) in the neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab by farmers, which is around 20 million tonnes! And it’s proper disposable system(scientific) is not in place due to higher costs. This adds to the extra burden on a farmer economically and lack of space to store.Burning is the only solution (cheaper option)left. Unless the governments step in to shoulder the responsibility both economically & scientifically(provide alternate solutions), implementation would be tough.It should be helmed at the beginning before it’s too late!
  2. Vehicular Pollution: Delhi would soon outnumber its population by buying or in keeping no. of cars than it could afford to park one day! People are more concerned about status or convenience than reducing pollution.
  3. Construction work: more no.of legal/ illegal construction within and outside the city. Be it highways, metro railway, buildings ( more of private), flyovers, laying of roads etc. as dust emanates and adds to the already polluted air.
  4. Slow blowing of north-westerly winds.
  5. No ban on the entry of Trucks.Poor implementation on the entry of very old (10 or 15yrs)trucks that run on diesel.And phasing them out in a planned manner.
  6. Industrial pollution
  7. Burning of wood and coal as winter is approaching.
  8. Reduction in green cover. Forest area and Green trees are reducing, which in turn reduces the pollution absorption.
  9. And of course, preceded by burning of firecrackers on Diwali! (Recently Govt. Banned FireCrackers sale to reduce the pollution)

Selecting The Right Air Purifiers

Many products in the market promise to purify your indoor air. But the challenge to find out the best air purifiers is still seen in the majority of the consumers’ mind.

In order to make the right choice, the features need to be studied and assessed, keeping in mind the dimensions of your home.  Air purifier price varies as per its capacity to clean up air, which is measured in sq.ft. Ranging from 200 to 750 sq. ft., Livpure gives you ideal air purifier in India to breathe easy indoors and live a healthy life. You can check out Liv Pure Air Purifiers which have been a variety of Air purifiers according to the needs.

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