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Reos smart LED bulb in depth full review : Truly Amazing Bulb

reos smart led bulb

Cube26 an Internet Innovation company recently launched Smart Bulb under the Brand Reos. Reos Smart LED Bulb as the name suggests is a Bulb which is the new Internet Of Things Sensation. Reos Smart LED Bulb is not just an ordinary bulb but a Bluetooth Bulb, Yea you read it right a Bluetooth bulb. you might be thinking what’s a Bluetooth is doing inside a bulb what does Bluetooth is there for. Well, we received this bulb a few days back to test and review and we will let you know how it performs and what’s Bluetooth in there for.


The Bulb is designed futuristically the shape and design are great and Gives it a Premium Look. The white color body and the Flatten Top is just amazing. The Reos Smart LED bulb looks great even when it is not in use. The only thing which is more concerning about this bulb is its little bit heavy which some holders may not be able to hold. At first, the bulb looks simple but it performs functions which are mind blowing. The bulb comes with the E22 socket but it comes with B22 Socket converter along with it. If you are renovating your house and Looking for smart lighting system you can buy this bulb and all your bulb can work in sync as well.

Performance and modes on Reos smart LED Bulb

The bulb has to be used Via App (Reos Smart Lite) Link Provided below as well to download the app. Reos Smart LED Bulb is fully operational Via App and for the same Reason, Bluetooth is required. So now you know why Bluetooth has been installed in the bulb. The app is very simple to operate and 5-10 Mins with the app and you will get comfortable using the app and controlling your own smart Bulb. The Bulb sports 16million color combination Thanks to Reos app you can use all the 16million color through its simple interface. You have the Colour Wheel from where you can switch colors on the bulb and its real time without any delays. The As soon as you select the color on the app, The Bulb color changes. Apart from this, the intensity of the Light from Dim to Sun Bright can be made as well. The standard Fluorescent and White color are separately shown below the color wheel so that you can switch to them easily. There is various Mode on the App which really rocks the surrounding.  Soothing Mode changes colors which are smooth and does not irritate you. The Strobe mode is the fast blink mode the bulb makes the whole place looks like Party House. There is Party mode as well through which the color keeps on changing as if the party was going around. The Christmas mode has 3 colors which keep on changing and repeat themselves. These modes are great and have enough brightness and Lighting to change the whole environment. There’s also a candle light mode,Hell yea this bulb has this mode as well where the light color changes to same as candle light and even blinks like a candle does, well now you can date your girlfriend/Wife at your home itself 🙂 . Reading mode switches light color to white which is enough to read a book and the last mode is theater mode wherein the bulb shade changes to Dimm light which are exactly like we find in theaters.You can even make your own color line up which would play when you select that mode.

Music Sync

The Reos has not only launched this bulb but also Music App called Reos Music which is great as Individual music app but it also serves another purpose other just being music app. The reos music app syncs the beats of the song played via Reos Music app to the Bulb and the bulb changes color according to the beats in the song. The bulb works in sync with the music and you experience whole new level of fun with this Reos Smart LED Bulb.

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Smart Notifications

This is not at all The bulb has the ability to show you notifications as well. Yes, you read it right above all the modes and features you have another surprise element here. The bulb shows you notification for some important apps. Well, not all apps are supported at the time but you have most of the used app in the list which can send a notification to the bulb. The color of the notification can be selected by you. For example- I want a green color for WhatsApp and Blue color for facebook I have the ability to do that as well and The notifications are seamlessly sent to the bulb.If you have little patience with colored lights, you can use a formula to get your bulb to tell you something, such as flash when your cab has arrived, or go blue if the weather is cold. These alerts depend on partner services, so you’re a little limited to a few, but they’re still interesting to set up: get an alert of your choice when your Dominos pizza arrives when your order from Swiggy, BigBasket or Grofers is here, and even when you get a Facebook notification. Even better, you can set the bulb to change color to alert you if you get an SMS, WhatsApp message, or call from someone specific. You can also schedule the light to turn on at a specific time, even if you’re not home. On top of that, the whole assembly begins to learn your habits and just say, lights up every evening at seven, if that’s what you usually do.

Reos Smart Bulb App
Smart App for Smart Bulb

Pricing and Availability

The Reos Smart LED bulb is priced at Rs.1699/- and would be available Flipkart exclusive only. The Product is already listed on the Flipkart’s website. If you are looking to buy this Bulb I have left the link here so that you can buy the bulb.

Reos Smart Bulb Purchase Link

Reos Smart Bulb Review
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Reos Smart LED Bulb is Priced at Rs.1699 which is quite on higher end even though features and performance do justification with the pricing.After few hours if you reopen the app it asks for the color settings and asks to reconnect with the bulb even if you are having Bluetooth connected. The Bulb is a bit bulky and heavy and does require a Good Mounted holder which can hold it perfectly else the chances the of bulb getting damaged are more. Overall the Bulb performs really great and is a rockstar if you host parties and function at your place. I have used this bulb for multiple purposes from a Study light to Party light.If you use this Reos Smart LED Bulb you are sure to fall in love with it.

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